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Nevada Voter Records

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Name County City Age Political Party
Bohn, Michael FClark CountyHenderson62Democratic Party
Huska, Alyssa ChariseNevada North Las Vegas29Republican Party
Ratlief, Kristyn MarieClark CountyLas Vegas64Republican Party
Bonfiglio, Andrew MichaelClark CountyLas Vegas56Independent American Party
Hunter, Kevin CClark CountyHenderson47Republican Party
Bolden, Niecey MoniqueClark CountyNorth Las Vegas39Democratic Party
Read, John WesleyClark CountyHenderson83Republican Party
Hunt, Mollie ElizabethClark CountyLas Vegas36Republican Party
Bohn, Larry WayneClark CountyNorth Las Vegas75Democratic Party
Husk, argaret MClark CountyLas Vegas95Democratic Party
Ratley, Audra Clark CountyHenderson46Democratic Party
Boney, Tonya LClark CountyLas Vegas50Democratic Party
Hunter, Kenneth GrayClark CountyNorth Las Vegas61Non-Partisan
III, Nathan BoldenClark CountyLas Vegas36Democratic Party
Read, John RobertClark CountyLas Vegas46Democratic Party
Hunt, Mistihana MarishaClark CountyLas Vegas44Democratic Party
Bohn, Jennifer LeeClark CountyLas Vegas46Democratic Party
Jr, Carlos HuskClark CountyLas Vegas56Other (all Others)
Ratleff, Lisa AClark CountyLas Vegas63Democratic Party
Boney, Paula AnnClark County68Republican Party
Hunter, Kelly SClark CountyLas Vegas59Independent American Party
Bolden, Nancy GailClark CountyNorth Las Vegas78Non-Partisan
Read, Jason AlanClark CountyLas Vegas35Libertarian Party
Hunt, Michelle MarieClark CountyLas Vegas55Democratic Party
Bohn, James CarlosNevada Las Vegas38Democratic Party
Husic, Safet Clark CountyHenderson51Non-Partisan
Ratleff, Kristin DeonnaClark CountyLas Vegas38Democratic Party
Boney, Kimmala YClark CountyLas Vegas50Democratic Party
Hunter, Kejaun RashaudClark CountyNorth Las Vegas26Democratic Party
Bolden, Myles KennedyClark CountyNorth Las Vegas28Democratic Party
Read, Jannette TaylorClark CountyNorth Las Vegas63Republican Party
Hunt, Michele LindaClark CountyBoulder City70Republican Party
Bohn, Gregory AClark CountyLas Vegas68Non-Partisan
Ratkovich, Michelle Clark CountyLas Vegas67Democratic Party
Husic, Jusuf Clark CountyLas Vegas54Democratic Party
Boney, Felicia MoniqueClark CountyNorth Las Vegas46Democratic Party
Hunter, Keith GerardClark CountyLas Vegas52Democratic Party
Bolden, Monica Clark CountyLas Vegas58Non-Partisan
Read, James MichaelClark CountyLas Vegas47Democratic Party
Hunt, Michael WayneClark CountyLas Vegas60Democratic Party
Bohn, Eva MarieClark CountyNorth Las Vegas71Democratic Party
Ratkiewicz, Donnene DeniseClark CountyHenderson47Non-Partisan
Husic, Erna Clark CountyLas Vegas27Democratic Party
Boney, Dayisha AshelyClark CountyLas Vegas26Democratic Party
Hunter, Kathy Clark CountyLas Vegas42Non-Partisan
Bolden-Sanders, Monesha DiaunaClark CountyLas Vegas38Independent American Party
Read, Harold GeneClark CountyLas Vegas73Republican Party
Hunt, Michael DClark CountyNorth Las Vegas62Democratic Party
Bohn, Clarence NicholasClark CountyNorth Las Vegas86Republican Party
Ratio, Chris SanderlinClark CountyHenderson67Democratic Party
Husic, Edvina Clark CountyLas Vegas28Democratic Party
Boney, Cedric RayClark CountyLas Vegas31Democratic Party
Hunter, Kathleen AgnesClark CountyLas Vegas56Democratic Party
Bolden, Michael CClark CountyLas Vegas49Democratic Party
Read, Eric RapierClark CountyLas Vegas49Non-Partisan
Hunt, Melvin JohnnieClark CountyLas Vegas60Republican Party
Bohn, Carmen LeahClark CountyLas Vegas61Non-Partisan
Ratih, Ellita AprinaClark CountyLas Vegas53Democratic Party
Husic, Asima Clark CountyHenderson49Non-Partisan
Boneville, Barbara AClark CountyLas Vegas76Non-Partisan
Hunter, Karon RaeClark CountyLas Vegas48Republican Party
Bolden, Melvin Clark CountyLas Vegas57Democratic Party
Read, Elijah MichaelNevada Henderson25Non-Partisan
Hunt, Melissa JayneClark CountyLas Vegas51Democratic Party
Bohn, Brian EricClark CountyLas Vegas48Republican Party
Ratigan, Sommer CatherineClark CountyNorth Las Vegas24Independent American Party
Hushin, Neal ThomasClark CountyHenderson42Republican Party
Boneva, Liliana KostadinovaClark CountyLas Vegas64Democratic Party
Hunter, Kara LeeClark CountyHenderson37Democratic Party
Raymond, Hollyanne AmeliaClark CountyHenderson30Non-Partisan
Read, Deborah MaryClark CountyHenderson75Republican Party
Hunt, Melicia CClark CountyLas Vegas63Democratic Party
Bohn, Beverly CollinsClark CountyLas Vegas88Democratic Party
Ratigan, Pamela MarieClark CountyLas Vegas68Democratic Party
Hushaw, Dwayne RussellClark CountyHenderson58Republican Party
Bonev, Neyko TenevClark CountyLas Vegas50Non-Partisan
Hunter, Julie SueClark CountyHenderson47Non-Partisan
Raymond, Gerry AClark CountyNorth Las Vegas53Republican Party
Read, Dannielle KristineClark CountyHenderson45Democratic Party
Hunt, Maura DanielleClark CountyNorth Las Vegas31Republican Party
Bohn, Alice EstelleClark CountyLas Vegas85Republican Party
Ratigan, Lisa LoureeClark CountyNorth Las Vegas59Republican Party
Hushaw, Darryl SClark CountyHenderson62Non-Partisan
Bonetti, Nicole YarellyClark CountyLas Vegas34Non-Partisan
Hunter, Juanita EClark CountyLas Vegas38Non-Partisan
Raymond, Gemma MarieClark CountyLas Vegas50Republican Party
Read, Constance MayClark CountyLas Vegas79Democratic Party
Hunt, Matthew TylerClark CountyLas Vegas27Democratic Party
Bohmer, Juli AnnClark CountyHenderson43Independent American Party
Ratigan, Kenneth JamesClark CountyLas Vegas65Democratic Party
Husereau, Ryan OliverClark CountyLas Vegas37Non-Partisan
Bonetti, Cesar HClark CountyLas Vegas56Democratic Party
Hunter, Joy ElizabethClark CountyLas Vegas32Democratic Party
Raymond, Fred SClark CountyHenderson79Democratic Party
White, Charles EdwardClark CountyLas Vegas24Republican Party
Hunt, Mary RClark CountyLas Vegas63Democratic Party
Bohman, Van RClark CountyLas Vegas63Republican Party
Ratigan, Joshua JosephClark CountyLas Vegas39Democratic Party
Huser, Doris AnnaClark County33Republican Party
Bonetti, Anthony JamesClark CountyLas Vegas92Republican Party
Hunter, Joshua Antonio-WebbClark CountyLas Vegas31Non-Partisan
Raymond, Esmeralda PClark CountyLas Vegas77Democratic Party
Read, Carrie LynnClark CountyLas Vegas67Republican Party
Hunt, Mary HelenClark CountyHenderson81Democratic Party
Bohman, Seth Clark CountyLas Vegas28Republican Party
Ratigan, James JosephClark CountyLas Vegas68Republican Party
Huseonica, David JosephClark CountyHenderson46Republican Party
Bonetpels, Dominic NClark CountyLas Vegas31Republican Party
Hunter, Jordan CClark CountyLas Vegas33Democratic Party
Raymond, Ellsworth IrvingNevada Henderson90Republican Party
Read, Alisha NoelClark CountyNorth Las Vegas34Republican Party
Jones, Mary EClark CountyNorth Las Vegas47Non-Partisan
Bohman, Lawrence EClark CountyLas Vegas55Non-Partisan
Rathsasombath, Kaikeo Clark CountyLas Vegas48Non-Partisan
Husen, Leju NClark CountyLas Vegas44Democratic Party
Boneta, Aurelio Clark CountyLas Vegas108Republican Party
Raymond, Dyllan TylerClark CountyNorth Las Vegas30Democratic Party
Hunter, Jonathan MossClark CountyHenderson34Non-Partisan
Reach, Joyce ElaineClark CountyLas Vegas74Republican Party
Hunt, Martha AClark CountyLas Vegas68Democratic Party
Bohman, Benjamin NephiClark CountyLas Vegas43Independent American Party
Rathor, Rai SClark CountyLas Vegas34Democratic Party
Huseman, Thomas FClark CountyLaughlin50Independent American Party
Bonet, Charlotte Clark CountyHenderson78Democratic Party
Raymond, Dennis WayneClark CountyLas Vegas59Non-Partisan
Hunter, Jon DavidClark CountyLas Vegas46Republican Party
Reabold, Roxanne LeeClark CountyLas Vegas38Non-Partisan
Hunt, Marshall EdwinClark CountyLas Vegas64Independent American Party
Bohman, Alayna Clark CountyLas Vegas29Republican Party
Rathnow, Charles BClark CountyNorth Las Vegas73Democratic Party
Huseman, Kenneth EarlClark CountyNorth Las Vegas74Non-Partisan
Bonesteel, Jeffrey PaulClark CountyHenderson56Republican Party
Raymond, Deanna MarieClark CountyNorth Las Vegas37Democratic Party
Hunter, Joi MishaunClark CountyLas Vegas40Democratic Party
Rea, Vicki SueClark CountyLas Vegas70Democratic Party
Hunt, Marlon ChavezClark CountyLas Vegas44Democratic Party
Bohm, Melissa AnnClark CountyLas Vegas52Non-Partisan
Rathner, James Clark CountyHenderson58Republican Party
Huseman, Carolyn JeanClark CountyNorth Las Vegas75Non-Partisan
Bones, Sylvia Clark CountyHenderson58Democratic Party
Raymond, David NelsonClark CountyHenderson66Republican Party
Hunter, John FreemanClark CountyLas Vegas70Democratic Party
Rea, Tony MClark CountyLas Vegas36Democratic Party
Hunt, Mark LynnClark CountyLas Vegas62Republican Party
Bohm, Eric RyanClark CountyNorth Las Vegas43Republican Party
Rathnayake, Susantha ChandraniClark CountyLas Vegas67Democratic Party
Husel, Richard CarlisleClark CountyLas Vegas53Republican Party
Bones, Michael LouisClark CountyHenderson51Non-Partisan
Raymond, Dana LeighClark CountyLas Vegas44Non-Partisan
Hunter, Jodith Clark CountyLas Vegas67Democratic Party
Rea, Terence LeeClark CountyLas Vegas66Republican Party
Hunt, Mario VClark CountyLas Vegas30Other (all Others)
Bohm, Courtney TaraClark CountyLas Vegas34Democratic Party
Rathnayake, Rupalatha Clark CountyLas Vegas59Independent American Party
Huseby, Phillip Clark CountyLas Vegas67Democratic Party
Bones, David LeeClark CountyHenderson62Non-Partisan
Raymond, Connie JoyceClark CountyHenderson69Independent American Party
Hunter, Jhenya ChristineClark CountyLas Vegas48Democratic Party
Rea, Sean ChristopherClark CountyHenderson39Non-Partisan
Hunt, Maria CarmenClark CountyLas Vegas76Non-Partisan
Bohls, Rebecca LClark CountyLas Vegas53Republican Party
Rathman, Jordan DebraClark CountyLas Vegas29Democratic Party
Huseby, David WilliamClark CountyLas Vegas44Non-Partisan
Bones, Cindy EClark CountyHenderson52Non-Partisan
Raymond, Chrystal BreanClark CountyHenderson38Other (all Others)
Hunter, Jevon Clark CountyLas Vegas50Democratic Party
Rea, Ronald LewisClark CountyLas Vegas74Republican Party
Hunt, Margaret EllenNevada Las Vegas79Non-Partisan
Bohls, Ashley NicholeClark CountyLas Vegas34Independent American Party
Rathman, Daniel RaymondClark CountyLas Vegas56Republican Party
Huseby, Brianne ElaineClark CountyLas Vegas42Non-Partisan
Boner, Timothy AndrewClark CountyNorth Las Vegas33Non-Partisan
Raymond, Christopher MichaelClark CountyLas Vegas52Republican Party
Hunter, Jessica WaddellClark CountyLas Vegas98Republican Party
Rea, Porfirio AlejandroClark CountyLas Vegas29Democratic Party
Hunt, Marcine LadinaClark CountyLas Vegas31Democratic Party
Bohlmann, Krystal DenielleClark CountyLas Vegas31Democratic Party
Rathkopf, Barry DavidClark CountyLas Vegas75Republican Party
Huse, Robert CClark CountySandy Valley71Republican Party
Boner, Elizabeth BClark CountyNorth Las Vegas73Democratic Party
Raymond, Chris RoschelleClark CountyLas Vegas60Republican Party
Hunter, Jessica DClark CountyLas Vegas72Republican Party
Rea, Mitzi Clark CountyLas Vegas67Democratic Party
Gwynn, Lucy VincentClark CountyHenderson42Democratic Party
Bohlmann, Jennifer LabiancaClark CountyLas Vegas45Republican Party
Rathke, Rina PerezClark CountyLas Vegas48Non-Partisan
Huse, Mary EClark CountyHenderson76Non-Partisan
Bonepart, Ayasha TapanyaClark CountyLas Vegas50Democratic Party
Raymond, Casie DanielleClark CountyLas Vegas46Democratic Party
Hunter, Jerry LeeClark CountyLas Vegas74Non-Partisan
Rea, Melissa NicoleClark CountyNorth Las Vegas48Democratic Party
Hunt, Lucille IClark CountyBoulder City83Republican Party
Bohlmann, Darlene JoyceClark CountyNorth Las Vegas85Democratic Party
Rathke, Paul RichardClark CountyLas Vegas60Democratic Party
Huse, Jerry LeeClark CountyLas Vegas81Democratic Party
Bonello, Matthew SalClark CountyHenderson38Libertarian Party
Raymond, Bruce EdwardClark CountyLas Vegas60Democratic Party
Hunter, Jerome OtisClark CountyLas Vegas43Democratic Party
Rea, Mary MargaretClark CountyLas Vegas94Libertarian Party
Hunt, Louis WilliamClark CountyLas Vegas69Democratic Party
Bohlman, Nathan EdwardClark CountyHenderson44Democratic Party
Rathke, Carol MaeClark CountyHenderson82Non-Partisan
Huse, Colin DeanClark CountyLas Vegas45Republican Party
Bonello, Daniel PaulClark CountyHenderson53Republican Party
Raymond, Brian JeffreyClark CountyLas Vegas45Non-Partisan
Hunter, Jeffrey BryanClark CountyHenderson64Republican Party
Rea, Louis PaulNevada Henderson74Republican Party
Hunt, Lottie Clark CountyLas Vegas61Independent American Party
Bohlman, Mary EllaClark CountyHenderson66Republican Party
Rathke, Angela MarieClark CountyLas Vegas58Democratic Party
Husch, Zachary GrahamClark CountyLas Vegas38Democratic Party
Bonelli, Ronald JamesClark CountyLas Vegas80Democratic Party
Raymond, Arthur FredrickNevada Las Vegas75Republican Party
Hunter, Jasmine PatriciaClark CountyHenderson30Democratic Party
Rea, Linda Clark CountyLas Vegas71Democratic Party
Hunt, Lorna EClark CountyHenderson81Republican Party
Bohlman, Charles EdwardClark CountyHenderson68Republican Party
Rathjens, Danielle MichelleClark CountyHenderson36Republican Party
Husby, onica MNevada Las Vegas36Non-Partisan
Bonelli, Matthew JamesClark CountyLas Vegas38Republican Party
Raymond, Anna MarieClark CountyLas Vegas30Non-Partisan
Hunter, Jarrett EClark CountyBlue Diamond42Republican Party
Rea, Laura LouiseClark CountyLas Vegas32Non-Partisan
Hunt, Lonny DuaneNevada Las Vegas68Democratic Party
Bohlke, Richard AllenClark CountyHenderson74Republican Party
Rathjen, Tereka LClark CountyLas Vegas38Independent American Party
Husby, Jonathan ColeNevada Las Vegas43Democratic Party
Bonelli, Joseph AnthonyClark CountyLas Vegas79Democratic Party
Raymond, Andrew LeeClark CountyHenderson40Democratic Party
Hunter, apan JClark CountyLas Vegas47Non-Partisan
Rea, Kaleb MichaelClark CountyBoulder City28Democratic Party
Hunt, Lloyd JamesClark CountyLas Vegas74Democratic Party
Bohlke, Brooke AClark CountyHenderson48Democratic Party
Rathjen, Lindsey AnneNevada Las Vegas36Democratic Party
Husbands, Maria ElenaClark CountyLas Vegas34Democratic Party
Bonelli, James EarlClark CountyLas Vegas81Republican Party
Raymond, Aishia ReneClark CountyLas Vegas39Democratic Party
Rea, Jim FrancisClark CountyLas Vegas47Republican Party
Hunter, Janine MichelleClark CountyHenderson52Republican Party
Hunt, Lisa TiffanyClark CountyLas Vegas70Non-Partisan
Bohlin, Eleanor MaryClark CountyHenderson81Republican Party
Rathjen, Deborah LynnClark CountyLas Vegas67Republican Party
Husband, Tiffany SuzetteClark CountyLas Vegas49Republican Party
Bonelli, Andrea MarieClark CountyHenderson49Democratic Party
Raymond, A PenelopeClark CountyLas Vegas69Democratic Party
Rea, Jericho MazoClark CountyLas Vegas39Independent American Party
Hunter, Janelle SurbithaClark CountyLas Vegas31Non-Partisan
Hunt, Lisa LeeClark CountyLas Vegas65Democratic Party
Bohlen, Edmund JayClark CountyLas Vegas52Democratic Party
Rathje, Karry LeeNevada Las Vegas46Republican Party
Husband, Keith EdwinClark CountyLas Vegas53Republican Party
Bonella, Pamela SueClark CountyLas Vegas65Democratic Party
Raymo, Hugh EClark CountyLas Vegas43Democratic Party
Rea, Jason HowardClark CountyLas Vegas46Independent American Party
Heron, Jamie IrelandClark CountyLas Vegas60Republican Party
Hunt, Lindsey MClark CountyLas Vegas33Republican Party
Bohlen, Betty LouClark CountyLas Vegas88Republican Party
Rathje, Barbara Clark CountyLas Vegas80Republican Party
Husband, John JeffreyClark CountyHenderson75Republican Party
Bonella, Anthony RaphaelClark CountyHenderson70Democratic Party
Raymer, Scott DeanClark CountyLas Vegas57Republican Party
Rea, Georgene GayleClark CountyHenderson44Democratic Party
Hunter, James LloydClark CountyLas Vegas70Republican Party
Hunt, Linda Clark CountyHenderson70Republican Party
Bohlander, Thomas MichaelClark CountyLas Vegas58Republican Party
Rathers, teven SClark CountyLas Vegas36Libertarian Party
Husband, David Clark CountyHenderson41Non-Partisan
Bonecutter, Kimm MClark CountyHenderson69Democratic Party
Raymer, Paul JClark CountyLas Vegas44Democratic Party
Rea, Frances RachelClark CountyLas Vegas70Republican Party
Hunter, James CraigClark CountyLas Vegas64Non-Partisan
Hunt, Linda StokesClark CountyLas Vegas67Republican Party
Bohlander, Ronald LeeClark CountyLas Vegas69Republican Party
Rathers, Clarice MarieClark CountyLas Vegas65Democratic Party
Monique, Chantel RebeccaClark CountyLas Vegas27Non-Partisan
Bonebrake, Scott DeanClark CountyLas Vegas39Democratic Party
Raymer, Michael SClark CountyLas Vegas64Republican Party
Rea, Douglas JClark CountyLas Vegas67Republican Party
Hunter, Jamar BernardClark CountyLas Vegas39Republican Party
Hunt, Linda FayeClark CountyNorth Las Vegas61Democratic Party
Bohlander, Patricia FClark CountyLas Vegas52Republican Party
Rather, Sharon LynneClark CountyLas Vegas86Republican Party
Mitsue, Altha EvaClark CountyHenderson82Democratic Party
Bonebrake, Megan MaryClark CountyLas Vegas37Democratic Party
Raymer, Kellee LynnClark CountyLas Vegas61Republican Party
Rea, David JoeClark CountyHenderson86Republican Party
Hunter, Jade FatimahClark CountyLas Vegas28Non-Partisan
Hunt, Lida Clark CountyLas Vegas96Democratic Party
Bohl, Rosezella LClark CountyBoulder City75Republican Party
Rather, Roseanna EileenClark CountyLas Vegas62Republican Party
Husar, Rosalinda GetuabanClark CountyLas Vegas56Republican Party
Bonebrake, Debra MClark CountyLas Vegas60Non-Partisan
Raymer, Justin AllenClark CountyHenderson39Democratic Party
Rea, Christen AnnClark CountyLas Vegas41Democratic Party
Hunter, Jacqueline SueClark CountyHenderson57Democratic Party
Hunt, Leslie LucilleClark CountyLas Vegas62Republican Party
Bohl, Parker JohnClark CountyLas Vegas31Republican Party
Rather, Robert CClark CountyLas Vegas63Republican Party
Husar, Joseph WClark CountyHenderson78Democratic Party
Bone-List, Deborah Clark CountyHenderson60Republican Party
Raymer, Jebediah ArpadClark CountyLas Vegas38Democratic Party
Rea, Bette WoodliffClark CountyLas Vegas66Non-Partisan
Hunter, Jack Clark CountyLas Vegas85Non-Partisan
Hunt, Lena MarieClark CountyHenderson52Republican Party
Bohl, Erik RichardClark CountyLas Vegas36Democratic Party
Rather, Douglas BClark CountyLas Vegas87Republican Party
Husar, John AClark CountyLas Vegas74Democratic Party
Bone, Sandra WClark CountyLas Vegas68Democratic Party
Raymer, James LClark CountyLas Vegas70Non-Partisan
Rea, Austin BClark CountyNorth Las Vegas38Republican Party
Hunter, Jack LentusClark CountyLas Vegas47Democratic Party
Hunt, Laurence RayClark CountyLas Vegas60Non-Partisan
Bohl, Bernard AnthonyClark CountyHenderson79Non-Partisan
Rather, Ashley Clark CountyLas Vegas33Republican Party
Husanu, Peretz Clark CountyLas Vegas89Democratic Party
Bone, Ralph DarrowClark CountyHenderson83Republican Party
Raymer, Heather LoriClark CountyLas Vegas46Democratic Party
Rea, Angela ChristopherClark CountyLas Vegas32Democratic Party
Hunter, Ian Clark CountyLas Vegas30Non-Partisan
Hunt, Lauren EClark CountyLas Vegas27Democratic Party
Bohik, Matthew NicholasClark CountyHenderson34Democratic Party
Rathel, Rodney DemondNevada Henderson56Non-Partisan
Husak, Gayle AnnClark CountyLas Vegas66Non-Partisan
Bone, Meghan Clark CountyHenderson36Democratic Party
Raymer, Beth AnneClark CountyLas Vegas45Democratic Party
Re, Sarah Clark CountyLas Vegas89Democratic Party
Hunter, Hope LorettaClark CountyLas Vegas27Non-Partisan
Hunt, Laura SuzanneClark CountyLas Vegas51Democratic Party
Bohenan, Tiffany Clark CountyLas Vegas25Non-Partisan
Rathburn, Rick AlanClark CountyBoulder City71Republican Party
Husain, Syed AliClark CountyLas Vegas73Independent American Party
Bone, Lewis RobertClark CountyLas Vegas38Non-Partisan
Raymer, Allyson FClark CountyLas Vegas33Republican Party
Re, Michel VClark CountyLas Vegas76Democratic Party
Hunter, Herbert MichaelClark County70Non-Partisan
Hunt, Larry WClark CountyBoulder City80Republican Party
Bohen, ason JClark CountyLas Vegas46Non-Partisan
Rathburn, Bradley RobertClark CountyLas Vegas60Democratic Party
Husain, Fatima Clark CountyLas Vegas45Independent American Party
Bone, Kenneth LClark CountyLas Vegas69Democratic Party
Rayme, Elizabeth SwannClark CountyLas Vegas76Democratic Party
Re, Marguerite Clark CountyLas Vegas79Independent American Party
Hunter, Heidi Clark CountyLas Vegas55Democratic Party
Hunt, Larry JamesClark CountyLas Vegas74Democratic Party
Bohatheen, Battel Clark CountyLas Vegas57Democratic Party
Rathbun, Richard JoeClark CountyLas Vegas54Democratic Party
Husa, George JosefClark CountyHenderson87Independent American Party
Bone, Keith VClark CountyLas Vegas49Democratic Party
Rayman, Sheldon LClark CountyLas Vegas77Non-Partisan
Re, Joseph AnthonyClark CountyLas Vegas64Non-Partisan
Hunter, Hajirah ReneeClark CountyLas Vegas30Democratic Party
Hunt, Lafonda RavaeClark CountyLas Vegas57Democratic Party
Bohart, Nancy RaeClark CountyLas Vegas86Non-Partisan
Rathbun, Kelly DouglasClark CountyHenderson30Democratic Party
Hurych, Brian ScottNevada Las Vegas53Republican Party
Bone, Eric DaleClark CountyLas Vegas82Democratic Party
Rayman, Elizabeth Clark CountyLas Vegas67Non-Partisan
Re, Erin NicoleNevada Henderson42Democratic Party
Hunter, Gwen PatriciaClark CountyLas Vegas63Democratic Party
Hunt, Krystan SClark CountyLas Vegas32Non-Partisan
Bohanon, Sharon AnnClark CountyHenderson62Republican Party
Rathbun, John LClark CountyHenderson64Republican Party
Hurwitz, Stephanie Clark CountyLas Vegas71Democratic Party
Bone, Debra LynneClark CountyLas Vegas69Democratic Party
Rayls, Maritza VClark CountyLas Vegas57Republican Party
Rbaur, Shivani Clark CountyLas Vegas25Democratic Party
Hunter, Gregory JamesClark CountyLas Vegas48Non-Partisan
Hunt, Kristy NClark CountyLas Vegas42Non-Partisan
Bohanon, Robert RyanClark CountyLas Vegas43Republican Party
Rathbun, James MClark CountyLas Vegas84Democratic Party
Hurwitz, Michael JackClark CountyHenderson78Non-Partisan
Bone, Carolyn GallsmanClark CountyHenderson71Non-Partisan
Rayls, Kevin RClark CountyLas Vegas57Republican Party
Razzaque, Mohammed Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas29Democratic Party
Hunter, Gloria JeaneneClark CountyLas Vegas79Republican Party
Hunt, Kristina MargaretClark CountyHenderson41Non-Partisan
Bohanon, David MichaelClark CountyLas Vegas31Democratic Party
Rathbun, Heather MarieClark CountyLas Vegas47Republican Party
Hurwitz, John PlattClark CountyLas Vegas79Democratic Party
Bone, Ashlee Clark CountyLas Vegas41Democratic Party
Raylor, Rene Clark CountyLas Vegas56Democratic Party
Razzaq, Meriam GClark CountyNorth Las Vegas59Republican Party
Hunter, Gladys Clark CountyLas Vegas78Democratic Party
Hunt, Knstne RNevada Las Vegas42Democratic Party
Bohannon, Thomas MaceyClark CountyHenderson37Democratic Party
Hunn, Leigh Clark CountyHenderson51Non-Partisan
Hurwitz, David TClark CountyLas Vegas60Non-Partisan
Bondy, George NicholasClark CountyLas Vegas66Republican Party
Rayl, Sasha MNevada Las Vegas34Democratic Party
Razzano, Michael JamesClark CountyLas Vegas72Republican Party
Hunter, Ginger ReidClark CountyLas Vegas63Republican Party
Hunt, Kimberly AnnClark CountyNorth Las Vegas54Republican Party
Bohannon, Ron RayClark CountyLas Vegas53Independent American Party
Hunn, Deborah Clark CountyBoulder City66Republican Party
Hurvitz, Kita EClark CountyLas Vegas73Democratic Party
Bondy, Denise MicheleClark CountyLas Vegas64Democratic Party
Willard, Jessica Clark County33Republican Party
Razzano, Evelyn CaballoClark CountyMesquite86Non-Partisan
Hunter, Geri-Ann Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas61Democratic Party
Hunt, Kevin LewisClark CountyLas Vegas32Non-Partisan
Bohannon, Michael KeithClark CountyLas Vegas38Republican Party
Hunley, Rosa LynnClark CountyNorth Las Vegas32Non-Partisan
Hurtubise, Paul Clark CountyLas Vegas67Non-Partisan
Bondurant, Victoria EllenClark CountyLas Vegas31Democratic Party
Rayl, Chelsea MelanieClark CountyLas Vegas36Green Party
Razza, Mary TClark CountyHenderson67Non-Partisan
Hunt, Kevin CharlesClark CountyLas Vegas63Republican Party
Bohannon, Gary DNevada Las Vegas79Republican Party
Hunter, George FentonClark CountyLas Vegas78Republican Party
Hunley, James MichaelClark CountyLas Vegas38Republican Party
Hurtt, Kenneth LeeClark CountyLas Vegas58Republican Party
Bondurant, Suzanna MarieClark CountyLas Vegas26Non-Partisan
Raykov, Steve Clark CountyHenderson69Non-Partisan
Razza, ohn JClark CountyHenderson80Democratic Party
Hunt, Kelly LClark CountyHenderson43Non-Partisan
Bohannon, Debbie JClark CountyLas Vegas62Democratic Party
Hunter, Genna Nevada Las Vegas57Democratic Party
Hunley, Elaina SherrieClark CountyLas Vegas36Republican Party
Hurts, Regina IeishaClark CountyLas Vegas43Democratic Party
Bondurant, Philip CClark CountyHenderson40Republican Party
Raykov, Peter IvanovClark CountyLas Vegas49Non-Partisan
Razy, Elaine LClark County72Republican Party
Hunt, Katie LynnClark CountyLas Vegas41Republican Party
Bohannon, Corey RClark CountyLas Vegas29Democratic Party
Hunter, Gary Clark CountyLas Vegas61Democratic Party
Hunkus, Elyse AClark CountyLas Vegas36Democratic Party
Hurtiz, Juan ManuelClark CountyNorth Las Vegas38Democratic Party
Bondurant, Lynnette DeanneClark CountyLas Vegas56Democratic Party
Rayho, John FrancisClark CountyLas Vegas35Democratic Party
Razura, Porfirio Clark CountyLas Vegas33Non-Partisan
Hunt, Kathryn LorraineClark CountyLas Vegas50Democratic Party
Bohannon, Christopher MoreauClark CountyHenderson34Non-Partisan
Hunter, Gary LeeClark CountyLas Vegas81Republican Party
Ann, Nancee LeeClark CountyLas Vegas71Democratic Party
Hurtik, Carrie ElizabethClark CountyLas Vegas61Republican Party
Bondurant, Justin MichaelClark CountyLas Vegas34Republican Party
Rayhill, James LockwoodClark CountyLas Vegas50Republican Party
Razura, Julia LClark CountyLas Vegas28Republican Party
Hunt, Kathleen CClark CountyLas Vegas58Democratic Party
Bohannon, Charreese Clark CountyLas Vegas34Republican Party
Hunter, Freddie LClark CountyNorth Las Vegas80Democratic Party
Hunkins, James MClark CountyLas Vegas75Republican Party
Hurtig, Herbert JamesClark CountyHenderson88Republican Party
Bondurant, Jeffrey SClark CountyLas Vegas55Democratic Party
Raygoza, Suzanna RaquelClark CountyLas Vegas38Republican Party
Razor, Catherine AnneClark County69Democratic Party
Hunt, Kahdezia AlizeClark CountyNorth Las Vegas25Democratic Party
Bohannon, Bianca OnawaClark CountyLas Vegas46Democratic Party
Hunter, Frank AllenClark CountyLas Vegas56Democratic Party
Hunkin-Tajalle, Faapepelr Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas48Democratic Party
Hurtado-Solis, Iliana Clark CountyLas Vegas37Democratic Party
Bondurant, Jay BruceClark CountyLas Vegas60Non-Partisan
Raygoza, Sergio Clark CountyLas Vegas57Democratic Party
Razon-Healy, Joshua AdamClark CountyLas Vegas31Democratic Party
Hunt, Justine ReneeClark CountyLas Vegas36Democratic Party
Bohannon, Andrew KeithClark CountyLas Vegas27Non-Partisan
Hunter, Fiorenza MariaClark CountyLas Vegas74Democratic Party
Hunkin, Linda SandraClark CountyLas Vegas35Democratic Party
Hurtado-Kolesar, Cheri DianeClark CountyLas Vegas52Democratic Party
Bondurant, Elaine ReneeNevada Henderson46Republican Party
Raygoza, Roberto Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas70Democratic Party
Razon, Simeon BalaresClark CountyLas Vegas65Democratic Party
Hunt, Justin JavierClark CountyLas Vegas46Non-Partisan
Mcdonald, Shante MarieClark CountyLas Vegas48Republican Party
Hunter, Evan PatrickClark CountyLas Vegas72Non-Partisan
Hunkin, Jane EmmaClark CountyLas Vegas60Non-Partisan
Hurtado-Cuevas, Juan Clark CountyLas Vegas48Democratic Party
Bondurant, Daniel Nevada Henderson49Republican Party
Raygoza, Raul Clark CountyLas Vegas64Democratic Party
Razon, Rachelle DungcaClark CountyLas Vegas44Non-Partisan
Hunt, Julie AClark CountyLas Vegas59Democratic Party
Bohannan, Kimberly ElizabethClark CountyLas Vegas47Democratic Party
Hunter, Essie MClark CountyLas Vegas99Democratic Party
Hunkin, Albert EniClark CountyLas Vegas65Democratic Party
Hurtado, Margarita CarolinaClark CountyLas Vegas57Democratic Party
Bondurant, Brandin SClark CountyHenderson29Non-Partisan
Raygoza, Perla Clark CountyLas Vegas39Republican Party
Sarmiento, Mary LuzClark CountyLas Vegas29Non-Partisan
Hunt, Judith AnnClark County82Republican Party
Bohannan, Jodie MarieClark CountyLas Vegas41Non-Partisan
Hunter, Erica Clark CountyLas Vegas61Republican Party
Hunker, Richard PaulClark CountyHenderson74Republican Party
Hurtado, Yajaira Clark CountyLas Vegas32Democratic Party
Bondurant, Aleta WClark CountyHenderson77Republican Party
Raygoza, Nicolas Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas28Other (all Others)
Razon, Lucy JocelynClark CountyLas Vegas55Democratic Party
Hunt, Joseph RaymondClark CountyLas Vegas28Non-Partisan
Bohannan, David DouglasClark CountyLas Vegas39Non-Partisan
Hunter, Ellis LeeClark CountyLas Vegas50Non-Partisan
Huni, Asaeli MatelauClark CountyHenderson29Non-Partisan
Sr, Wilson HurtadoClark CountyLas Vegas60Republican Party
Bonds, Tyrone Clark CountyLas Vegas58Independent American Party
Raygoza, Marco AntonioClark CountyHenderson64Republican Party
Razon, Jeffrey SClark CountyLas Vegas26Democratic Party
Hunt, Jonathan Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas66Other (all Others)
Bohannan, Camille Nevada Las Vegas36Non-Partisan
Hunter, Elizabeth AndreaClark CountyHenderson55Republican Party
Hungspreugs, Nuntiya Clark CountyHenderson74Republican Party
Hurtado, Valarie DianeClark CountyHenderson38Democratic Party
Bonds, Tracey MoniqueClark CountyLas Vegas51Democratic Party
Raygoza, Juan GClark CountyLas Vegas60Democratic Party
Razon, Gloria AguilarNevada Las Vegas74Republican Party
Hunt, Jonathan ClarkClark CountyHenderson61Democratic Party
Bohane, Fiona ElizabethClark CountyLas Vegas46Non-Partisan
Hunter, Edwina DanetteClark CountyNorth Las Vegas29Democratic Party
Hungria, Virgilio BienClark CountyNorth Las Vegas68Republican Party
Hurtado, Tony OlmosClark CountyLas Vegas28Democratic Party
Bonds, Tanya Clark CountyLas Vegas80Republican Party
Raygoza, Jesus UbaldoClark CountyNorth Las Vegas28Other (all Others)
Razon, Fresie MarieClark CountyLas Vegas29Non-Partisan
Hunt, Johnny BryantClark CountyLas Vegas73Republican Party
Bohanan, Luther CharlesClark CountyHenderson67Democratic Party
Hunter, Edward Clark CountyLas Vegas41Independent American Party
Hungria, Danilo BienClark CountyLas Vegas71Other (all Others)
Hurtado, Steven Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas47Democratic Party
Bonds, Sheila TayronClark CountyLas Vegas54Democratic Party
Raygoza, Gabriela MargaritaClark CountyLas Vegas29Democratic Party
Razon, Edna BelmonteClark CountyLas Vegas65Republican Party
Hunt, John MarshallClark CountyLas Vegas70Republican Party
Bohanan, George EdwardClark CountyLas Vegas69Democratic Party
Hunter, Ebony FrancineClark CountyLas Vegas31Democratic Party
Hungness, Elicia NicoleClark CountyLas Vegas41Republican Party
Hurtado, Stephanie MichelleClark CountyLas Vegas40Democratic Party
Bonds, Schadrey LuannClark CountyLas Vegas36Democratic Party
Raygoza, Flora GClark CountyLas Vegas63Democratic Party
Razon, Cora NClark CountyLas Vegas65Democratic Party
Hunt, John EliasClark CountyLas Vegas72Republican Party
Bohana, Claudian Clark CountyLas Vegas66Republican Party
Hunter, Earl JClark CountyLas Vegas68Democratic Party
Hungerink-Carr, Marcine Clark CountyLas Vegas68Republican Party
Hurtado, Sergio Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas30Democratic Party
Bonds, Michael Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas46Non-Partisan
Raygoza, Desiree KayClark CountyLas Vegas44Non-Partisan
Razon, Cathleen MClark CountyHenderson37Democratic Party
Hunt, John BowmanClark CountyLas Vegas56Republican Party
Bohan, Laverne Clark CountyLas Vegas97Democratic Party
Hunter, Douglas ArthurNevada Las Vegas61Republican Party
Hungerholt, Jacob DanielClark CountyLas Vegas29Democratic Party
Hurtado, Ruben Clark CountyLas Vegas61Non-Partisan
Bonds, Mekesha LynetteClark CountyLas Vegas40Non-Partisan
Raygoza, Anna LiliaClark CountyHenderson59Republican Party
Razon, Alfredo ArevaloNevada Las Vegas79Republican Party
Hunt, Joan Clark CountyLas Vegas77Republican Party
Bohan, Kaitlin MaryClark CountyLas Vegas32Non-Partisan
Hunter, Donna ReneeClark CountyLas Vegas26Democratic Party
Hungerford, Roy EClark CountyLas Vegas72Republican Party
Hurtado, Rosa AdrianaClark CountyLas Vegas38Democratic Party
Bonds, M KelliClark CountyLas Vegas54Independent American Party
Raygoza, Alvares RaulClark CountyLas Vegas62Non-Partisan
Razon, Adrian NacuClark CountyLas Vegas42Democratic Party
Hunt, Jewell LouiseClark CountyLas Vegas83Democratic Party
Bohan, Jill AnnClark CountyLas Vegas62Democratic Party
Hunter, Don EClark CountyLas Vegas82Republican Party
Hungerford, Robert DeanClark CountyIndian Springs59Republican Party
Hurtado, Richard Clark CountyLas Vegas34Democratic Party
Bonds, Lavelle Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas43Democratic Party
Rayford, Yolanda DClark CountyNorth Las Vegas64Democratic Party
Razo-Perez, Beatriz AprilClark CountyLas Vegas25Democratic Party
Hunt, Jessica ViolaClark CountyLas Vegas32Democratic Party
Bohan, James DavidClark CountyLas Vegas36Libertarian Party
Hunter, Dianne TereseClark CountyLas Vegas71Non-Partisan
Hungerford, Nicholas PClark CountyLas Vegas43Republican Party
Hurtado, Raul MClark CountyLas Vegas55Democratic Party
Bonds, Justin DonClark CountyLas Vegas31Democratic Party
Rayford, Vondasha LClark CountyNorth Las Vegas32Republican Party
Morales, Maricela RazoClark CountyLas Vegas45Democratic Party
Hunt, Jeremy DClark CountyLas Vegas33Republican Party
Bohan, Eileen MaryClark CountyLas Vegas59Republican Party
Hunter, Diamond ArielClark CountyLas Vegas33Democratic Party
Hungerford, Michelle EllenClark CountyLas Vegas36Democratic Party
Hurtado, Pedro Clark CountyLas Vegas81Democratic Party
Bonds, Ju-Rhonda AClark CountyLas Vegas58Democratic Party
Rayford, Tonia MarieClark CountyLas Vegas45Democratic Party
Landeros, Bulmaro RazoClark CountyLas Vegas37Democratic Party
Hunt, Jennifer AnnClark CountyLas Vegas47Democratic Party
Bohammed, Theophile Clark CountyLas Vegas98Democratic Party
Hunter, Derrick ChristensenClark CountyLas Vegas41Republican Party
Hungerford, Michael FClark CountyLas Vegas64Republican Party
Hurtado, Patricia Nevada Las Vegas48Non-Partisan
Bonds, Joe EdgarClark CountyLas Vegas77Republican Party
Rayford, Sheldon Clark CountyLas Vegas36Democratic Party
Razo, Victor Clark CountyLas Vegas38Non-Partisan
Hunt, Jazmine MarieClark CountyLas Vegas33Democratic Party
Bohai, Joseph Clark CountyLas Vegas56Republican Party
Hunter, Dernard LClark CountyLas Vegas32Democratic Party
Hungerford, Luanne FayClark CountyLas Vegas61Republican Party
Hurtado, Ofelia Clark CountyBunkerville73Democratic Party
Bonds, Felicia WendyClark CountyLas Vegas42Democratic Party
Rayford, Roderick LeroyClark CountyNorth Las Vegas59Democratic Party
Razo, Titina EClark CountyLas Vegas34Democratic Party
Hunt, Jaymie Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas31Democratic Party
Chavez, Mary CarissaClark CountyLas Vegas44Democratic Party
Hunter, Denton ReeceClark CountyLas Vegas69Democratic Party
Hungerford, Lacey SawyerClark CountyLas Vegas42Republican Party
Hurtado, Obdulia PonceClark CountyLas Vegas65Democratic Party
Bonds, Donell Clark CountyLas Vegas68Democratic Party
Rayford, Monica NClark CountyLas Vegas35Democratic Party
Razo, Stacey EmilyClark CountyLas Vegas31Republican Party
Hunt, Jason ThomasClark CountyLas Vegas48Independent American Party
Bohac, Daniel Clark CountyLas Vegas48Republican Party
Hunter, Demetrius JemilClark CountyHenderson41Democratic Party
Hungerford, Julie LorraineClark CountyBoulder City56Non-Partisan
Hurtado, Nelson Clark CountyLas Vegas83Democratic Party
Bonds, Denise AngelaClark CountyLas Vegas59Non-Partisan
Rayford, Latishia DeniseClark CountyLas Vegas43Non-Partisan
Razo, Sara MClark CountyLas Vegas62Democratic Party
Hunt, Janis RoseClark CountyNorth Las Vegas75Democratic Party
Bohac, Andresa CarmenClark CountyLas Vegas48Republican Party
Hunter, Demans AClark CountyLas Vegas38Democratic Party
Hungerford, Emily RuthClark CountyLas Vegas28Libertarian Party
Hurtado, Nancy DClark CountyLas Vegas73Democratic Party
Bonds, Deborah DianeClark CountyNorth Las Vegas63Republican Party
Rayford, Lashondra TClark CountyLas Vegas44Democratic Party
Razo, Rosa IselaClark CountyLas Vegas56Democratic Party
Hunt, James Clark CountyBoulder City81Republican Party
Boh, Ricky Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas55Democratic Party
Hunter, Deborah KClark CountyLas Vegas72Democratic Party
Hungerford, Daniel RoyClark CountyLas Vegas47Republican Party
Hurtado, Michelle LynnClark CountyLas Vegas49Republican Party
Bonds, Corinthia Clark CountyLas Vegas83Democratic Party
Rayford, Lanza ExzaviaClark CountyLas Vegas29Independent American Party
Razo, Rosa AnaClark CountyLas Vegas48Republican Party
Hunt, James WilliamClark CountyLas Vegas75Republican Party
Bogza, Marina DanielaClark CountyLas Vegas66Independent American Party
Hunter, Deanne MarieClark CountyLas Vegas39Republican Party
Hungerford, Cassidy LeeClark CountyIndian Springs26Independent American Party
Hurtado, Mauricio AClark CountyLas Vegas26Republican Party
Bonds, Candita LuannClark CountyLas Vegas56Republican Party
Rayford, Kevin EugeneClark CountyHenderson38Democratic Party
Jr, Raul RazoClark CountyLas Vegas46Non-Partisan
Hunt, James HClark CountyLas Vegas78Democratic Party
Bogutskie, Julia CarolClark CountyLas Vegas37Democratic Party
Hunter, David WarrenClark CountyLas Vegas66Republican Party
Hunger, Richard JamesClark CountyLas Vegas75Non-Partisan
Hurtado, Maria SocorroClark CountyLas Vegas78Democratic Party
Bonds, Barbara AnnClark CountyLas Vegas68Independent American Party
Rayford, Jordan Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas27Democratic Party
Razo, Nicolas VClark CountyNorth Las Vegas28Democratic Party
Hunt, James EClark CountyLas Vegas59Non-Partisan
Bogut, Larry Clark CountyHenderson82Democratic Party
Hunter, Daniel JClark CountyHenderson25Republican Party
Hunger, Brian JClark CountyLas Vegas42Independent American Party
Hurtado-Muriuo, Maria DClark CountyLas Vegas52Democratic Party
Bonds, Annuska JeanClark CountyNorth Las Vegas43Democratic Party
Rayford, Johnny AlfredClark CountyLas Vegas72Democratic Party
Razo, Monica Clark CountyLas Vegas35Democratic Party
Hunt, James AClark CountyLas Vegas32Non-Partisan
Bogusz, Ryszard Nevada North Las Vegas85Republican Party
Hunter, Daneisha KClark CountyNorth Las Vegas31Democratic Party
Hungate, Robert EarlClark CountyLas Vegas28Non-Partisan
Humenski, Karri AClark CountyLas Vegas38Non-Partisan
Bonds, Anita Clark CountyLas Vegas71Republican Party
Rayford, John LeeClark CountyNorth Las Vegas47Democratic Party
Razo, Miguel AClark CountyLas Vegas33Democratic Party
Hunt, Jada YvonneClark CountyLas Vegas37Democratic Party
Bogusz, Andrzej JanClark CountyNorth Las Vegas70Republican Party
Hunter, Cynthia JoanClark CountyHenderson69Republican Party
Hungate, Georgia RubyClark CountyLas Vegas47Non-Partisan
Humenik, Michele DianeClark CountyLas Vegas55Democratic Party
Bondre, Lisa MarieClark CountyLas Vegas52Democratic Party
Rayford, Janette NoelClark CountyLas Vegas54Democratic Party
Razo, Mayra Clark CountyLas Vegas45Democratic Party
Hunt, Jack WayneClark CountyHenderson57Non-Partisan
Bogus, Sade MonaeClark County26Non-Partisan
Hunter, Craig BrentClark CountyLas Vegas42Republican Party
Hungate, Billy JoeClark CountyHenderson76Republican Party
III, John HumenikClark CountyLas Vegas58Democratic Party
Bondoc, Victorino SantosClark CountyLas Vegas86Republican Party
Rayford, Henry Clark CountyLas Vegas77Democratic Party
Razo, Marizela JuanaClark County44Democratic Party
Hunt, Irvin DanielClark CountyLas Vegas81Non-Partisan
Bogus, John LorenzoClark CountyLas Vegas55Non-Partisan
Hunter, Coronica Clark CountyLas Vegas47Democratic Party
Hunga-Hill, Jeremy CarlClark CountyLas Vegas33Non-Partisan
Humel, Michael MartinClark CountyLas Vegas43Independent American Party
Bondoc, Rodelio DClark CountyLas Vegas63Non-Partisan
Rayford, Gwendolyn MClark CountyLas Vegas72Democratic Party
Razo, Maria Clark CountyLas Vegas52Democratic Party
Hunt, Irene LeavittClark CountyLas Vegas93Republican Party
Bogus, Brian EdwardClark CountyLas Vegas35Democratic Party
Hunter, Constance JoanClark CountyBoulder City62Democratic Party
Hung-Crawford, Chingh-Yi Clark CountyLas Vegas47Democratic Party
Humel, George Clark CountyHenderson55Non-Partisan
Bondoc, Richelle TClark CountyHenderson53Republican Party
Rayford, Florasean Clark CountyLas Vegas71Democratic Party
Razo, Maria SocorroClark CountyLas Vegas61Democratic Party
Hunt, Hughes LudwigClark CountyLas Vegas74Republican Party
Boguille, David BClark CountyLas Vegas58Democratic Party
Hunter, Colby WilliamClark CountyHenderson40Republican Party
Hung, Ya-Ching YaoClark CountyHenderson46Independent American Party
Humel, Frank AClark CountyLas Vegas72Republican Party
Bondoc, Joselito SClark CountyHenderson46Republican Party
Rayford, Essie LClark CountyLas Vegas72Democratic Party
Razo, Maria DelClark CountyLas Vegas71Democratic Party
Hunt, Hong Clark CountyLas Vegas53Democratic Party
Bogues, Marie TapijaClark CountyHenderson44Republican Party
Hunter, Cleveland PaulClark CountyLas Vegas54Other (all Others)
Hung, Terry Clark CountyLas Vegas38Democratic Party
Humel, Carole DClark CountyLas Vegas72Republican Party
Bondoc, Glenda Clark CountyLas Vegas60Republican Party
Rayford, Eric DanielClark CountyNorth Las Vegas28Republican Party
Razo, Lizet RebecaClark CountyNorth Las Vegas35Democratic Party
Hunt, Hillary MClark CountyLas Vegas35Republican Party
Bogue, Michele Clark CountyLas Vegas60Democratic Party
Harvey, Clarence JerryClark CountyLas Vegas29Democratic Party
Hung, Peter Clark CountyLas Vegas64Democratic Party
Humed, ofia SClark CountyLas Vegas44Democratic Party
Bondoc, Edy PClark CountyLas Vegas74Non-Partisan
Rayford, Elaine Clark CountyLas Vegas66Democratic Party
Razo, Kathryn RoseClark CountyLas Vegas65Democratic Party
Hunt, Herbert LepoleonClark CountyLas Vegas60Democratic Party
Emme, Melinda SueClark CountyLas Vegas35Democratic Party
Hunter, Christopher MarkClark CountyLas Vegas71Democratic Party
Hung, Michael YauyanClark CountyLas Vegas79Non-Partisan
Humed, Said Clark CountyLas Vegas45Non-Partisan
Bondoc, Carlos MagtotoClark CountyHenderson75Non-Partisan
Rayford, Detrick RayshawnClark CountyLas Vegas45Democratic Party
Razo, Julianne MichelleClark CountyLas Vegas30Democratic Party
Hunt, Hellary MaeClark CountyLas Vegas35Independent American Party
Bogue, Jenessa Clark CountyHenderson42Democratic Party
Hunter, Christopher JosephClark CountyLas Vegas25Democratic Party
Hung, Kwei-Chih Clark CountyLas Vegas78Non-Partisan
Hume, Sherrill MeachamClark CountyNorth Las Vegas79Republican Party
Bondoc, Asuncion OcampoClark CountyLas Vegas75Republican Party
Rayford, Celese RaeneeClark CountyNorth Las Vegas49Democratic Party
Razo, Juan CuauhtemocClark CountyNorth Las Vegas70Democratic Party
Hunt, Heather ReneeClark CountyLas Vegas38Republican Party
Bogue, Dorthy JClark CountyNorth Las Vegas90Democratic Party
Hunter, Christian LClark CountyLas Vegas28Non-Partisan
Hung, John PaulClark CountyHenderson80Independent American Party
Hume, Robert BruceClark CountyLas Vegas88Democratic Party
Bondoc, Angelina SolimanClark CountyLas Vegas81Republican Party
Rayford, Brittani LouiseClark CountyLas Vegas26Democratic Party
Razo, Juan AClark CountyLas Vegas38Democratic Party
Hunt, Hazel AClark CountyBoulder City83Republican Party
Bogue, David MichaelClark CountyLas Vegas74Republican Party
Hunter, Cheryl CelineClark CountyNorth Las Vegas48Democratic Party
Hung, James Clark CountyLas Vegas31Republican Party
Hume, Melody JClark CountyLas Vegas72Republican Party
Bondmass, Mary DoloresClark CountyLas Vegas72Independent American Party
Rayford, Antoinette LareeNevada Las Vegas52Democratic Party
Razo, Jose LClark CountyNorth Las Vegas60Other (all Others)
Hunt, Gunnison GloriannaClark CountyLas Vegas45Non-Partisan
Bogue, Brenda KayClark CountyLas Vegas62Republican Party
Hunter, Cheryl AClark CountyHenderson53Democratic Party
Hung, George ChaoClark CountyHenderson48Republican Party
Hume, Lisa MarieClark CountyLas Vegas34Democratic Party
Bondiek, Patrick WilhelmClark CountyLas Vegas52Republican Party
Rayford, Adetra DionClark CountyLas Vegas33Democratic Party
Razo, Jose AlfredoClark CountyNorth Las Vegas34Non-Partisan
Hunt, Gregory DeanClark CountyLas Vegas40Non-Partisan
Bogroff, Matthew AClark CountyLas Vegas28Non-Partisan
Hunter, Charmaine JoyClark CountyLas Vegas90Democratic Party
Gonzales, Delia LuluClark CountyLas Vegas47Non-Partisan
Hume, Joy FayClark CountyLas Vegas43Republican Party
Bondie, Richard DeanClark CountyLas Vegas67Republican Party
Rayfield, Theresa AnneClark CountyHenderson74Republican Party
Razo, Jorge Clark CountyLas Vegas47Non-Partisan
Hunt, Greg RichardClark CountyMesquite48Republican Party
Bogoslon, Nicholas Clark CountyLas Vegas57Republican Party
Hunter, Charles RClark CountyLas Vegas83Non-Partisan
Hume, Jeremy DavinClark CountyHenderson41Democratic Party
Bondi, William AnthonyClark CountyLas Vegas68Republican Party
Huneycutt, Sharon K.T Clark CountyLas Vegas47Democratic Party
Razo, Jocelin SandraClark CountyLas Vegas28Non-Partisan
Hunt, Gloria SilvanaClark CountyLas Vegas52Republican Party
Rayfield, Carol AnnClark CountyLas Vegas69Republican Party
Bogoni, Julian SClark CountyLas Vegas78Republican Party
Hunter, Charles GClark CountyLas Vegas57Republican Party
Hume, Jarin Clark CountyLas Vegas74Non-Partisan
Bondi, Michael Clark CountyLas Vegas47Non-Partisan
Huneycutt, April NNevada Las Vegas43Democratic Party
Razo, Jesus Clark CountyLas Vegas43Democratic Party
Rayes, Nadine RClark CountyNorth Las Vegas25Democratic Party
Bogolub, Donald EClark CountyLas Vegas89Democratic Party
Hunt, Gladys JewellClark CountyLas Vegas94Democratic Party
Hunter, Charles BennettClark CountyNorth Las Vegas44Democratic Party
Hume, Debra SClark CountyLas Vegas69Republican Party
Bondi, Kurt StevenClark CountyLas Vegas89Republican Party
Hunemuller, Neal KentClark CountyLas Vegas64Republican Party
Razo, Janette Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas45Democratic Party
Bognot, Zosima MistiolaClark CountyLas Vegas57Republican Party
Rayes, Jaime RiveraClark CountyHenderson61Republican Party
Hunt, Geraldine MercedesNevada Las Vegas81Democratic Party
Hunter, Chad JosephClark CountyHenderson47Non-Partisan
Hume, Dawn GrassoClark CountyLas Vegas56Democratic Party
Bondi, Corinne RClark CountyNorth Las Vegas57Democratic Party
Hunemuller, Bridgette Clark CountyLas Vegas30Democratic Party
Razo, Irene MariaClark CountyLas Vegas83Democratic Party
Bognot, Ricky MiclatClark CountyLas Vegas50Democratic Party
Rayer, Scott LesterClark CountyHenderson67Republican Party
Hunt, George JosephClark CountyLas Vegas73Democratic Party
Hunter, Cearia Clark CountyLas Vegas48Republican Party
Hume, David RossClark CountyLas Vegas83Republican Party
Bondi, Anthony FrankClark CountyLas Vegas67Democratic Party
Henderson, Aieria CClark CountyLas Vegas43Democratic Party
Razo, Grace Clark CountyLas Vegas32Democratic Party
Bognot, Raymundo RufinoClark CountyLas Vegas68Republican Party
Raye, Michael AlanClark CountyLas Vegas27Non-Partisan
Hunt, Gaynell Clark CountyHenderson62Republican Party
Hunter, Carolyn Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas70Democratic Party
Hume, Dan RossNevada Las Vegas58Independent American
Bondhus, Nicole VictoriaClark CountyLas Vegas40Non-Partisan
Hundon, Tquisha KClark CountyLas Vegas47Democratic Party
Razo, Gerald SClark CountyLas Vegas71Democratic Party
Bognot, Raijan Clark CountyLas Vegas35Non-Partisan
Raye, Jimmie Clark CountyLas Vegas82Democratic Party
Hunt, Gary WClark CountyHenderson52Democratic Party
Hunter, Carolyn VirginiaClark CountyNorth Las Vegas71Democratic Party
Hume, Christopher ScottClark CountyLas Vegas57Democratic Party
Bonderson, Nanette JeanClark CountyLas Vegas75Democratic Party
Hundley, William TClark CountyLas Vegas72Republican Party
Razo, Fred Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas68Democratic Party
Bognot, Majean AClark CountyLas Vegas52Democratic Party
Raye, Elizabeth JaneClark CountyLas Vegas56Republican Party
Hunt, Garry EarlClark CountyLogandale83Republican Party
Hunter, Carol Clark CountyLas Vegas83Independent American Party
Hume, Charles Clark CountyLas Vegas72Democratic Party
Bonderenko, David AClark CountyLas Vegas71Republican Party
Hundley, Steven CClark CountyLas Vegas56Democratic Party
Razo, Ezequiel GranadosClark CountyLas Vegas84Democratic Party
Rayburn, Trevor LeeNevada Las Vegas29Republican Party
Bognot, Karmella CastroClark CountyHenderson31Non-Partisan
Hunt, Floyd LClark CountyLas Vegas89Independent American Party
Hunter, Carol FrancesClark County73Democratic Party
Humdy, Tina JanelleClark CountyLas Vegas54Democratic Party
Bonder, Annette Clark CountyLas Vegas92Democratic Party
Hundley, Sharon MariaClark CountyLas Vegas64Democratic Party
Razo, Elizabeth Clark CountyLas Vegas40Democratic Party
Rayburn, Ryan VanceClark CountyNorth Las Vegas57Republican Party
Bognot, Jaclyn RaeClark CountyHenderson31Democratic Party
Hunt, Evelyn MarinaClark CountyLas Vegas33Democratic Party
Hunter, Camille Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas45Green Party
Humbolt, John LeeClark CountyLas Vegas51Democratic Party
Bondelid, Tina LouiseClark CountyLas Vegas70Democratic Party
Hundley, Shannon ReneaClark CountyHenderson41Republican Party
Razo, Eleanor Clark CountyLas Vegas70Democratic Party
Rayburn, Richard DaleClark CountyLas Vegas57Republican Party
Bogni, Lori LeeClark CountyLas Vegas50Republican Party
Hunt, ugene EClark CountyLas Vegas68Republican Party
Hunter, Brooke ElizabethClark CountyNorth Las Vegas48Non-Partisan
Humboldt, Mark Clark CountyLas Vegas42Non-Partisan
Bonde, Marguerite Clark CountyLas Vegas71Democratic Party
Hundley, Roger AlbertClark CountyLas Vegas74Democratic Party
Razo, Eduardo AlejandroClark CountyLas Vegas42Democratic Party
Rayburn, Raechel DawnClark CountyLas Vegas32Non-Partisan
Bogner, Sharylen Clark CountyLas Vegas75Democratic Party
Hunt, Ernestina ValadezClark CountyLas Vegas64Democratic Party
Hunter, Brittany Lynn-SimsClark CountyLas Vegas39Non-Partisan
Humblelamb, Shari LClark CountyLas Vegas75Republican Party
Bonde, Aubrey MaeClark CountyHenderson40Non-Partisan
Hundley, Richard JeredClark CountyLas Vegas45Libertarian Party
Razo, Denise JillClark CountyLas Vegas45Republican Party
Rayburn, Michael CharlesClark CountyHenderson60Non-Partisan
Bogner, Lynne AnnClark CountyLas Vegas76Democratic Party
Hunt, Erin MarieClark CountyHenderson42Republican Party
Hunter, Brenda JoyceClark CountyLas Vegas70Non-Partisan
Humble, Verna LNevada Las Vegas94Republican Party
Bond, Enne Clark CountyLas Vegas71Non-Partisan
Hundley, Patrick DNevada Las Vegas37Democratic Party
Razo, Damian Clark CountyLas Vegas28Non-Partisan
Rayburn, Kyley AnnClark CountyLas Vegas30Democratic Party
Bogner, Jean BraseClark CountyLas Vegas82Republican Party
Hunt, Erica Clark CountyLas Vegas44Democratic Party
Hunter, Brandon MichaelClark CountyHenderson40Republican Party
Humble, Samuel DrewClark CountyLas Vegas59Non-Partisan
Bondch, Daniel LeeClark CountyLas Vegas39Republican Party
Hundley, Pamela KayClark CountyLas Vegas68Democratic Party
Razo, Claudia Clark CountyLas Vegas43Democratic Party
Rayburn, Judy AnnClark CountyLas Vegas64Republican Party
Bognaski, Susan AnneClark CountyLas Vegas68Democratic Party
Hunt, Eric DonaldClark CountyLas Vegas41Non-Partisan
Hunter, Billy RayClark CountyLas Vegas62Democratic Party
Humble, Marie AClark CountyLas Vegas88Republican Party
Bondarenko, Vladimir Clark CountyHenderson61Republican Party
Hundley, Nicholas JohnClark CountyHenderson38Republican Party
Razo, Cesareo XolotlClark CountyNorth Las Vegas47Non-Partisan
Rayburn, Jerome WClark CountyLas Vegas64Democratic Party
Bognar, Virginia KathleenClark CountyLas Vegas77Republican Party
Hunt, Emanual LClark CountyHenderson73Democratic Party
Hunter, Beverly CClark CountyLas Vegas71Democratic Party
Humble, Jill LyneClark CountyLas Vegas44Republican Party
Bondarenko, Mikhail VladimirovichClark CountyHenderson24Republican Party
Hundley, Leah AnneClark CountyNorth Las Vegas37Democratic Party
Razo, Bulmaro RamosClark CountyLas Vegas73Democratic Party
Rayburn, David DouglasClark CountyLas Vegas56Republican Party
Bognar, Teri LynnClark CountyLas Vegas39Democratic Party
Hunt, Ella LClark CountyNorth Las Vegas78Democratic Party
Hunter, Bess ElaineClark CountyHenderson86Republican Party
Humble, Jacob AClark CountyLas Vegas27Republican Party
Bondarenco, Olga LudmilaClark CountyLas Vegas67Democratic Party
Hundley, Lawrance Clark CountyLas Vegas31Democratic Party
Razo, Bactazar Nevada North Las Vegas48Non-Partisan
Rayburn, Cheryl AnnClark CountyLas Vegas59Democratic Party
Bognar, Michael JosephClark CountyLas Vegas49Republican Party
Hunt, Elizabeth AnnClark CountyLas Vegas56Democratic Party
Hunter, Barbara AnnClark CountyBoulder City68Democratic Party
Humble, Don Clark CountyLas Vegas68Republican Party
Bondar, Oksana Clark CountyLas Vegas53Democratic Party
Hundley, Kristine MarieClark CountyLas Vegas71Non-Partisan
Razo, Ana MariaClark CountyLas Vegas72Independent American Party
Rayburn, Amber DawnClark CountyBoulder City37Democratic Party
Bognar, Joseph JohnClark CountyLas Vegas79Republican Party
Hunt, Douglas FClark CountyBoulder City76Republican Party
Hunter, Baba Clark CountyLas Vegas48Non-Partisan
Humble, Dane JoshuaClark CountyLas Vegas35Republican Party
Bondal, Irene BongalosClark CountyLas Vegas32Non-Partisan
Hundley, Joseph NormanClark CountyLas Vegas59Democratic Party
Razo, Alfonso Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas58Democratic Party
Raybuck, Todd GregoryClark CountyHenderson52Republican Party
Bognar, Dana SClark CountyNorth Las Vegas41Democratic Party
Hunt, Doreen JClark CountyLas Vegas53Non-Partisan
Hunter, Ashleigh DanielleClark CountyLas Vegas35Independent American Party
Humble, Coleen JClark CountyHenderson69Republican Party
Bond-Littman, Eva DoloresClark CountyLas Vegas78Democratic Party
Hundley, Jennifer JonesClark CountyLas Vegas67Democratic Party
Razo, Alexandria IreneClark CountyLas Vegas23Democratic Party
Raybuck, Kelly LynnClark CountyHenderson52Republican Party
Boykin, Alyse NicoleClark CountyNorth Las Vegas37Democratic Party
Hunt, Donald WesleyClark CountyHenderson32Non-Partisan
Jr, Arthur HunterClark CountyLas Vegas28Other (all Others)
Humble, Charles LClark CountyLas Vegas96Democratic Party
Bond, Yubeldena MClark CountyHenderson73Republican Party
Hundley, Gary MClark CountyLas Vegas67Democratic Party
Razmy, Shaun Clark CountyLas Vegas75Democratic Party
Raybourne, Lindsey AlleneClark CountyLas Vegas35Democratic Party
Bogle, Thomas EugeneClark CountyLas Vegas48Democratic Party
Hunt, Donald AugustisClark CountyNorth Las Vegas45Democratic Party
Hunter, Armelia Clark CountyLas Vegas69Independent American Party
Humble, Autumn BrookeClark CountyLas Vegas33Democratic Party
Bond, William PiersonClark CountyLas Vegas66Non-Partisan
Hundley, Curtis JClark CountyLas Vegas67Non-Partisan
Razmel, Fazila Clark CountyLas Vegas34Democratic Party
Rayborne, Carle MylonClark CountyLas Vegas86Democratic Party
Bogle, Raymond JClark CountyLas Vegas63Republican Party
Hunt, Dilisha LaticeClark CountyLas Vegas36Democratic Party
Bolyard, Charles EdwardClark CountyHenderson78Republican Party
Humble, Allen RClark CountyHenderson72Democratic Party
Bond, Wendell EugeneClark CountyHenderson86Republican Party
Hundley, Barbara GClark CountyLas Vegas88Democratic Party
Razmal, Jawed JohnClark CountyLas Vegas37Democratic Party
Raybon, Charles RayClark CountyNorth Las Vegas65Democratic Party
Bogle, Jeffery AlanClark CountyLas Vegas59Republican Party
Hunt, Diambra NicoleClark CountyLas Vegas36Democratic Party
Bolyard, Brian CharlesClark CountyLas Vegas42Non-Partisan
Bond, Tina LouiseClark CountyNorth Las Vegas52Non-Partisan
Humbert, Tarita KayNevada Las Vegas57Democratic Party
Hundley, Amy LucilleClark CountyHenderson37Republican Party
Razi, Farin Clark CountyHenderson35Democratic Party
Raybeck, Cynthia Clark CountyLas Vegas67Non-Partisan
Bogle, Christina AnitaClark CountyLas Vegas38Democratic Party
Hunt, Deshawn DemarcusClark CountyNorth Las Vegas41Democratic Party
Bolwin, Thomas WilliamClark CountyHenderson68Democratic Party
Bond, Tia MercedesClark CountyLas Vegas39Democratic Party
Humbert, Kenneth WClark CountyLas Vegas79Democratic Party
Hundie, Tadesse DidaClark CountyLas Vegas34Democratic Party
Razgonova, Katrina ConstanceClark CountyLas Vegas40Non-Partisan
Rayas, Yolynda Clark CountyLas Vegas30Democratic Party
Bogk, Irene MNevada Las Vegas79Democratic Party
Hunt, Dennis DowayneClark CountyLas Vegas82Republican Party
Bolwin, Robert WClark CountyLas Vegas42Non-Partisan
Bond, Terry LClark CountyLas Vegas76Republican Party
Humbert, Demetria S.M. Clark CountyLas Vegas34Democratic Party
Hundertmark, Joseph JamesClark CountyLas Vegas42Non-Partisan
Razgaitis, Vaiva KristinaClark CountyLas Vegas39Democratic Party
Rayas, Lydia VictoriaClark CountyLas Vegas54Democratic Party
Bogisich, John EdwardClark County66Libertarian Party
Hunt, Denetra Clark CountyLas Vegas35Democratic Party
Bolwin, Charles WilliamClark CountyHenderson93Democratic Party
Bond, Tammy LouClark CountyLas Vegas54Non-Partisan
Humbert, Carol AnnClark CountyHenderson36Democratic Party
Hunde, Daniel Clark CountyLas Vegas49Democratic Party
Razeggi, Michael Clark CountyLas Vegas66Democratic Party
Rayas, Flavio Clark CountyLas Vegas47Republican Party
Rawls, Kaira LatoyaClark CountyLas Vegas40Democratic Party
Bolusan, Mishey LeiClark CountyHenderson33Republican Party
Hunt, Dearah JaneClark CountyLas Vegas64Democratic Party
Bond, Stephen GrantClark CountyLas Vegas74Non-Partisan
Humberger, Diane Clark CountyOverton70Republican Party
Huncovsky, Valory LouiseClark CountyHenderson66Republican Party
Razban, ichael MClark CountyLas Vegas84Democratic Party
Rayala, Jonathan SantosClark CountyLas Vegas25Democratic Party
Rawls, John DewayneClark CountyNorth Las Vegas58Democratic Party
Hunt, Dean RonaldClark CountyLas Vegas74Republican Party
J, Amber SClark CountyLas Vegas27Non-Partisan
Bond, Sharon Clark CountyLas Vegas72Democratic Party
Humber, Sunny Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas67Non-Partisan
Huncovsky, Katherine LaurenClark CountyHenderson39Non-Partisan
Razavi, Ana RosaClark CountyLas Vegas87Republican Party
Raya-Rubio, Maricela Clark CountyLas Vegas37Democratic Party
Rawls, Jamila DClark CountyNorth Las Vegas29Democratic Party
Hunt, Dawn CarlaClark CountyLas Vegas45Democratic Party
Bolus, Charles MosesClark CountyHenderson81Independent American Party
Bond, Serena ArceClark CountyHenderson48Republican Party
Humber, Beverly VClark CountyLas Vegas92Republican Party
Hunady, Laureen TeresaClark CountyHenderson68Non-Partisan
Razanadahy, Noah Clark CountyLas Vegas60Democratic Party
Raya, Silvia Clark CountyLas Vegas29Non-Partisan
Rawls, Glenn DellClark CountyLas Vegas56Democratic Party
Hunt, David RayClark CountyLas Vegas56Non-Partisan
Brangwynne, Maria CClark CountyLas Vegas46Other (all Others)
Bond, Ronald ScottClark CountyLas Vegas71Non-Partisan
Humayun, Marissa RaeClark CountyLas Vegas39Non-Partisan
Hunachew, Martha ArgawClark CountyLas Vegas25Democratic Party
Capco, Mary JoanClark CountyLas Vegas31Democratic Party
Raya, Roman BernalClark CountyLas Vegas54Republican Party
Rawls, Doretha Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas74Democratic Party
Hunt, David MarshallClark CountyNorth Las Vegas77Independent American Party
Boltz, Jason Clark CountyLas Vegas51Non-Partisan
Bond, Roger CharlesClark CountyLas Vegas34Independent American Party
Humayun, Anoshi Clark CountyHenderson32Democratic Party
Humpries, Bryce AlanClark CountyBoulder City29Non-Partisan
Razaghi, Amber DClark CountyLas Vegas39Non-Partisan
Raya, Rafael OClark CountyLas Vegas53Democratic Party
Rawls, Diousha Clark CountyLas Vegas39Democratic Party
Hunt, David GeorgeClark CountyLas Vegas70Republican Party
Boltz, Cheryl MarieClark CountyLas Vegas59Republican Party
Bond, obin RClark CountyLas Vegas65Democratic Party
Humason, Edward CharlesClark CountyNorth Las Vegas78Non-Partisan
Humphry, Misty Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas42Other (all Others)
Razack, Hazeer Clark CountyHenderson42Democratic Party
Jr, Miguel RayaClark CountyLas Vegas34Democratic Party
Rawls, Darshe MichelleClark CountyNorth Las Vegas53Democratic Party
Boltz, Beatrice AnnaClark CountyNorth Las Vegas49Democratic Party
Bond, Robert DavidClark CountyMesquite71Republican Party
Hunt, Darrell RamoneClark CountyLas Vegas54Democratic Party
Humara, Michael JesusClark CountyHenderson39Non-Partisan
Humphry, Charles JamesClark CountyLas Vegas59Republican Party
Raza, Nureen Clark CountyLas Vegas53Non-Partisan
Raya, Leila Clark CountyLas Vegas75Republican Party
Rawls, Christine ElizClark CountyNorth Las Vegas82Republican Party
Bolton-Lewis, Brandon Clark CountyLas Vegas32Non-Partisan
Bond, Richard SamuelClark CountyLas Vegas79Democratic Party
Hunt, Danielle RaeClark CountyHenderson36Democratic Party
Humann, Tyler JamesClark CountyLas Vegas28Republican Party
Humphries-Alder, Cynthia AliceClark CountyHenderson70Republican Party
Raza, Ali Clark CountyLas Vegas55Non-Partisan
Raya, James AnthonyClark CountyLas Vegas62Republican Party
Rawls, Angela DeniseClark CountyLas Vegas53Democratic Party
Bolton-Cotrone, Finley Clark CountyLas Vegas54Democratic Party
Bond, Rhonda JoyceClark CountyNorth Las Vegas65Democratic Party
Hunt, Daniel JosephNevada Las Vegas55Republican Party
Humann, Raymond SClark CountyLas Vegas48Non-Partisan
Humphries, Wendy GayClark CountyNorth Las Vegas55Democratic Party
Raz, Travis MichaelClark CountyNorth Las Vegas53Non-Partisan
Raya, Eliecer Clark CountyLas Vegas57Republican Party
Rawlinson-Maynor, Monica NicoleClark CountyLas Vegas43Non-Partisan
Bolton, William MichaelClark CountyNorth Las Vegas73Democratic Party
Bond, Ralph DanielNevada Las Vegas66Non-Partisan
Hunt, Daniel EarlClark CountyLas Vegas88Non-Partisan
Humann, George SClark CountyNorth Las Vegas76Republican Party
Humphries, Toya ReneeClark CountyLas Vegas37Non-Partisan
Raz, Rebecca AClark CountyLas Vegas47Democratic Party
Raya, Carmen ElenaClark CountyLas Vegas57Democratic Party
Rawlinson, Traci ReneeClark CountyLas Vegas39Democratic Party
Bolton, Tomeka ReneeClark CountyLas Vegas42Democratic Party
Bond, Patti LouClark CountyLas Vegas64Non-Partisan
Hunt, Dana LeeClark CountyLas Vegas73Republican Party
Human, Ross AClark CountyHenderson93Republican Party
Humphries, Ryan ThomasClark CountyLas Vegas33Republican Party
Raz, Enrico IClark CountyLas Vegas62Republican Party
Raya, Brandy Clark CountyLas Vegas25Democratic Party
Rawlinson, Stuart ElbertClark CountyLas Vegas71Republican Party
Bolton, Timothy WayneClark CountyLas Vegas53Democratic Party
Bond, Pamela SClark CountyLas Vegas74Democratic Party
Hunt, Dale RClark CountyLas Vegas72Democratic Party
Human, Chris KyleClark CountyLas Vegas38Republican Party
Humphries, Ramona LClark CountyHenderson88Republican Party
Raz, Charles EdwardClark CountyHenderson60Republican Party
Raya, Alexander Clark CountyLas Vegas43Democratic Party
Rawlinson, Ruth WNevada Goodsprings75Democratic Party
Bolton, Therese AnnClark CountyLas Vegas51Republican Party
Bond, Nora ElizabethClark CountyLas Vegas48Non-Partisan
Hunt, Cynthia MarieClark CountyLas Vegas59Non-Partisan
Human, Bryan TimothyClark CountyLas Vegas39Non-Partisan
Humphries, Monique Clark CountyLas Vegas37Democratic Party
Raz, Arcky GimenoClark CountyLas Vegas42Republican Party
Raya, Adela MarieClark CountyLas Vegas41Democratic Party
Rawlinson, Michael AClark County51Democratic Party
Bolton, Tamika SClark CountyNorth Las Vegas46Democratic Party
Bond, Michalene AnnClark CountyLas Vegas79Republican Party
Hunt, Cynthia AnnClark CountyHenderson67Non-Partisan
Human, Aaron RyanClark CountyLas Vegas29Non-Partisan
Humphries, Madeleine AnastasiaClark CountyLas Vegas39Democratic Party
Chavers, Jessica LeighClark CountyLas Vegas36Non-Partisan
Ray-Wurtz, Marianne Clark CountyLas Vegas83Republican Party
Rawlinson, Karen Clark CountyLas Vegas39Democratic Party
Bolton, Steven VClark CountyLas Vegas52Independent American Party
Bond, Michael FranklinClark County45Democratic Party
Hunt, Courtney SueClark CountyMoapa39Non-Partisan
Hulwi, James JosephClark CountyHenderson40Republican Party
Lago, Loralee Clark CountyHenderson54Republican Party
Rayworth, Fred BrooksClark CountyLas Vegas70Democratic Party
Ray-Smith, Nelda KClark CountyNorth Las Vegas58Libertarian Party
Rawlinson, Hui JinClark CountyLas Vegas62Democratic Party
Bolton, Spencer ThomasClark CountyLas Vegas31Republican Party
Bond, Maurey BlakeClark CountyLas Vegas44Republican Party
Hunt, Cotrona LachelleClark CountyLas Vegas48Democratic Party
Hulvey, Christoher RobertClark CountyLas Vegas39Republican Party
Humphries, Laura AnnClark CountyHenderson44Republican Party
Rayunas, Jacquelyn JeanClark CountyNorth Las Vegas76Non-Partisan
Ray-Johnson, Tiffany LadellClark CountyLas Vegas58Democratic Party
Rawlinson, Dwight SNevada Las Vegas68Democratic Party
Bolton, Robyn DeniseClark CountyHenderson29Non-Partisan
Bond, Mark FitzgarldClark CountyLas Vegas55Republican Party
Hunt, Connie LeeClark CountyLas Vegas72Republican Party
Hulunian, Elaine Clark CountyLas Vegas72Republican Party
Humphries, Kathy MacahiligClark CountyHenderson58Republican Party
Raysor, Maceo CClark CountyLas Vegas89Democratic Party
Ray-Gurr, Teresa Clark CountyLas Vegas66Democratic Party
Rawlins, Vincent Clark CountyLas Vegas72Republican Party
Bolton, Richard DeanClark CountyHenderson63Non-Partisan
Bond, Marc AltonClark CountyNorth Las Vegas33Republican Party
Hunt, Claudia ReneeClark CountyHenderson70Democratic Party
Huluka, Estifanos MulatuClark CountyLas Vegas54Democratic Party
Gabrielle, Kaitlyn AlexandraClark CountyLas Vegas31Republican Party
Rayson, Karen PClark CountyNorth Las Vegas60Non-Partisan
Ray, Wyman LClark CountyHenderson72Republican Party
Rawlins, Teresa RoweClark CountyHenderson54Republican Party
Bolton, Randall Nevada Las Vegas62Democratic Party
Bond, Lorayne MClark CountyLas Vegas51Independent American Party
Hunt, Christy YNevada North Las Vegas62Democratic Party
Hulugalle, Roshan SrianiClark CountyLas Vegas75Democratic Party
Humphries, Joe DahlClark CountyHenderson60Republican Party
Raysinger, Kelley LouiseClark CountyLas Vegas52Democratic Party
Ray, William RichardClark CountyLas Vegas45Democratic Party
Rawlins, Susan GClark CountyHenderson54Republican Party
Bolton, Nathan DeanClark CountyHenderson43Non-Partisan
Bond, Leah MarieNevada Las Vegas33Republican Party
Hunt, Christopher RaymondClark CountyLas Vegas55Republican Party
Jr, Chitha HulugalleClark CountyLas Vegas44Republican Party
Humphries, Jason LynnClark CountyLas Vegas44Non-Partisan
Raysdale, Kewanela Clark CountyLas Vegas40Non-Partisan
Ray, William LanningClark CountyLas Vegas44Non-Partisan
Rawlins, Sonia FionaClark CountyLas Vegas60Democratic Party
Bolton, Michael ThomasClark CountyLas Vegas57Democratic Party
Bond, Kyle PaulClark CountyLas Vegas34Republican Party
Hunt, Christine LClark CountyLas Vegas46Non-Partisan
Huluf, Alemeseged TsegayClark CountyLas Vegas55Democratic Party
Humphries, James RoyClark CountyLas Vegas61Democratic Party
Rayray-Ola, Glenda ValdezClark CountyHenderson52Democratic Party
Ray, William JosephClark CountyLas Vegas89Democratic Party
Rawlins, Rogelio AlfredClark CountyLas Vegas48Democratic Party
Bolton, Michael JosephClark CountySearchlight28Libertarian Party
Bond, Kimberly ReneClark CountyLas Vegas57Democratic Party
Hunt, Christina DianeClark CountyLas Vegas30Democratic Party
Hultzapple, Kenneth LeeClark CountyNorth Las Vegas81Republican Party
Humphries, Heather LClark CountyHenderson45Democratic Party
Pagtalunan, Imelda AlejandraClark County74Democratic Party
Ray, William ChanceClark CountyLas Vegas34Independent American Party
Rawlins, Mishion Clark CountyLas Vegas34Democratic Party
Bolton, Michael EdwardClark CountyLas Vegas71Democratic Party
Bond, Keith WaddingtonClark CountyNorth Las Vegas66Democratic Party
Hunt, Christana RClark CountyLas Vegas51Non-Partisan
Hultz, Morgan ElizabethClark CountyLas Vegas25Republican Party
Humphries, George WilliamClark CountyMesquite88Republican Party
Rayos, Rolando AndreClark CountyHenderson36Non-Partisan
Ray, William AlexanderClark CountyLas Vegas39Republican Party
Rawlins, Michael LynnClark CountyHenderson27Libertarian Party
Bolton, Mary MarthaClark CountyHenderson89Republican Party
Bond, Katrina Clark CountyLas Vegas48Non-Partisan
Hunt, Cheryl TrumanClark CountyMesquite67Democratic Party
Hultz, Fredric EvanClark CountyHenderson64Independent American Party
Humphries, Forrest AustellClark CountyLas Vegas70Democratic Party
Rayos, Robert AClark CountyLas Vegas71Democratic Party
Ray, Willa JClark CountyLas Vegas90Democratic Party
Rawlins, Michael DouglasClark CountyHenderson55Republican Party
Bolton, Marilyn JuneClark CountyNorth Las Vegas89Democratic Party
Bond, Karin ThibaultClark CountyLas Vegas57Democratic Party
Hunt, Cheryl AnnClark CountyLas Vegas52Non-Partisan
Hultz, Colleen MarieClark CountyLas Vegas62Other (all Others)
Humphries, Deevern EugeneClark CountyLas Vegas34Democratic Party
Rayos, Diana RClark CountyLas Vegas70Democratic Party
Ray, Wendy ElaineClark CountyLas Vegas47Democratic Party
Rawlins, Margret MaryClark County44Non-Partisan
Bolton, Lorraine KaeClark CountyNorth Las Vegas62Democratic Party
Bond, June LanealClark CountyHenderson83Republican Party
Hunt, Cheri RachelleClark CountyLas Vegas57Non-Partisan
Hults, Ivagene Clark CountyLas Vegas60Democratic Party
Humphries, Curt ErnestClark CountyHenderson69Non-Partisan
Rayos, Carlito CrosbyClark CountyLas Vegas41Non-Partisan
Ray, Violet Clark CountyHenderson96Non-Partisan
Rawlins, Laura JeanineClark CountyHenderson51Republican Party
Bolton, Levetta ReginaClark CountyLas Vegas62Democratic Party
Bond, Joy Clark CountyLas Vegas84Republican Party
Hunt, Charles Clark CountyLas Vegas92Democratic Party
Hulton, Nathaniel PembertonClark CountyLas Vegas63Republican Party
Humphries, Corie JeanClark CountyBoulder City31Non-Partisan
Rayos, Anabelle DeleonClark CountyLas Vegas59Democratic Party
Ray, Victoria JClark CountyNorth Las Vegas67Republican Party
Rawlins, Keyanna ReneeClark CountyLas Vegas35Democratic Party
Bolton, Lekeisha AntoinetteClark CountyLas Vegas45Democratic Party
Bond, Joshua EClark CountyLas Vegas42Democratic Party
Hunt, Charles TerryClark CountyLas Vegas77Republican Party
Hultman, Eric KennethClark CountyLas Vegas58Non-Partisan
Humphries, Cheri JClark CountyBoulder City57Republican Party
Rayo, Yazmin Clark CountyLas Vegas25Republican Party
Ray, Valda TesesaClark CountyLas Vegas73Democratic Party
Rawlins, Jordan MClark CountyHenderson28Republican Party
Bolton, Kylan Clark CountyLas Vegas25Democratic Party
Bond, Jonathan DavidNevada Henderson40Republican Party
Hunt, Charles LavaneClark CountyLas Vegas67Republican Party
Hultgren, Paul HaroldClark CountyLas Vegas75Democratic Party
Humphries, Casey BlairClark CountyBoulder City32Republican Party
Rayo, Ryan KClark CountyLas Vegas30Non-Partisan
Ray, Tyshika Anna-ReeClark CountyNorth Las Vegas38Democratic Party
Rawlins, Jane AmeliaClark CountyHenderson24Republican Party
Bond, Jody Clark CountyLas Vegas66Independent American Party
Bolton, Kimberly AnnClark CountyLas Vegas38Democratic Party
Hunt, Cecil JeromeClark CountyHenderson91Independent American Party
Hulten, Candee LeighClark CountyLas Vegas47Democratic Party
Humphries, Carole AClark CountyLas Vegas64Democratic Party
Rayo, Miguela EClark CountyLas Vegas51Non-Partisan
Ray, uesday TClark CountyLas Vegas50Republican Party
Rawlins, David WayneClark CountyLas Vegas51Democratic Party
Bond, Joann ArtitaClark CountyLas Vegas33Libertarian Party
Bolton, Kathryn FosterNevada Overton44Republican Party
Hunt, Casey MichelleClark CountyLas Vegas31Non-Partisan
Hultberg, Greg MichaelClark CountyLas Vegas48Republican Party
Humphries, Brian BenClark CountyLas Vegas31Independent American Party
Rayo, Maritsa Clark CountyLas Vegas30Democratic Party
Ray, Troy NathanClark CountyLas Vegas44Republican Party
Rawlins, anielle DClark CountyLas Vegas67Republican Party
Bond, Jennifer Clark CountyLas Vegas48Republican Party
Bolton, June EClark CountyBoulder City87Non-Partisan
Hunt, Carolyn YClark CountyLas Vegas75Democratic Party
Hulslander, Jonas Clark CountyHenderson39Democratic Party
Phillips, Brenda DClark CountyNorth Las Vegas59Democratic Party
Rayo, Jonathan PhillipClark CountyLas Vegas30Democratic Party
Ray, Trena DidrioClark CountyLas Vegas42Republican Party
Rawlins, Christopher LeeClark CountyLas Vegas40Non-Partisan
Bond, Jeffrey RobertClark CountyLas Vegas46Democratic Party
Bolton, Joseph EClark CountyNorth Las Vegas88Democratic Party
Hunt, Candace Clark CountyLas Vegas70Independent American Party
Hulskamp, Richard Clark CountyLas Vegas84Democratic Party
Humphries, Billye Nevada North Las Vegas87Republican Party
Rayo, Elmer RamosClark CountyLas Vegas59Democratic Party
Ray, Tracie ReneeClark CountyLas Vegas59Democratic Party
Rawlins, Austin DouglasClark CountyHenderson26Republican Party
Bond, Jeb WadeClark CountyLas Vegas34Democratic Party
Bolton, John MichaelNevada Las Vegas56Non-Partisan
Hunt, Callie Clark CountyLas Vegas36Republican Party
Hulsizer, Steven WClark CountyHenderson70Democratic Party
Humphries, Andre SharodClark CountyLas Vegas30Republican Party
Rayo, Charlene MirandaClark CountyLas Vegas37Non-Partisan
Ray, Tonja MarieClark CountyLas Vegas48Democratic Party
Rawlings, Vijean Nevada Henderson69Independent American
Bond, Jamie MarieClark CountyLas Vegas41Independent American Party
Bolton, Jessica LynnClark CountyLas Vegas39Non-Partisan
Hunt, Brooke LeighClark CountyLas Vegas42Democratic Party
Hulsizer, Kristine RClark CountyHenderson34Republican Party
Humphries, Alison HopeClark CountyHenderson60Non-Partisan
Raynor, Valerie EClark CountyHenderson66Republican Party
Ray, Tom Clark CountyLas Vegas34Democratic Party
Rawlings, Roseanne Clark CountyLas Vegas39Republican Party
Bond, James RobertClark CountyLas Vegas66Democratic Party
Bolton, Jared BinghamClark CountyOverton43Republican Party
Hunt, Brian RobertClark CountyHenderson25Republican Party
Hulsizer, David Clark CountyLas Vegas69Non-Partisan
Humphreys, Windy JaneClark CountyLas Vegas47Non-Partisan
Raynor, Thomas JosephClark CountyNorth Las Vegas55Republican Party
Jr, Thomas RayClark CountyLas Vegas59Democratic Party
Rawlings, Robbie-Ann Clark CountyLas Vegas53Democratic Party
Bond, James DonaldClark CountyHenderson92Non-Partisan
Bolton, Jack LeeClark CountyLas Vegas36Democratic Party
Hunt, Brian KeithClark CountyLas Vegas55Republican Party
May, Nova StarClark CountyLas Vegas40Democratic Party
Humphreys, Sarah EClark CountyLas Vegas42Democratic Party
Raynor, Ronald DaleClark CountyHenderson48Republican Party
Ray, Thomas MClark CountyHenderson79Republican Party
Bond, Jack LClark CountyLas Vegas83Non-Partisan
Rawlings, Nisha DawnClark CountyLas Vegas50Non-Partisan
Bolton, Howard ThomasClark CountyLas Vegas63Democratic Party
Hunt, Brandon Clark CountyHenderson44Republican Party
Hulshoff, Ric Clark CountyHenderson60Libertarian Party
Raynor, Richard LockeClark CountyLas Vegas86Democratic Party
Adam, Robert DeanClark CountyBoulder City37Non-Partisan
Ray, Thomas LClark CountyLas Vegas70Republican Party
Bond, Hilary Clark CountyLas Vegas87Democratic Party
Rawlings, Michael StephenClark CountyNorth Las Vegas68Republican Party
Bolton, Glenn JayClark CountyNorth Las Vegas26Republican Party
Hunt, Brandon HaydenClark CountyLas Vegas46Democratic Party
Hulsey, Tony RayClark CountyHenderson66Republican Party
Raynor, Nicole LynnClark CountyLas Vegas33Democratic Party
Humphreys, Raymond DaleClark CountyLas Vegas51Non-Partisan
Ray, Thomas DaleClark CountyBoulder City55Non-Partisan
Bond, Ginny Clark CountyHenderson78Republican Party
Rawlings, Melanie DukeClark CountyLas Vegas42Republican Party
Bolton, Gerald Clark CountyLas Vegas75Democratic Party
Hunt, Bradley LeeClark CountyLas Vegas38Non-Partisan
Hulsey, Sean KennethClark CountyHenderson51Republican Party
Raynor, Michelle LClark CountyNorth Las Vegas47Independent American Party
Humphreys, Nicholas WilliamClark CountyHenderson41Independent American Party
Ray, Teresa IClark CountyNorth Las Vegas51Democratic Party
Bond, Gerianne HaunaniClark CountyLas Vegas49Non-Partisan
Rawlings, Marsha Clark CountyHenderson71Democratic Party
Bolton, Gary EdwardClark CountyLas Vegas69Republican Party
Hunt, Betty AnnClark CountyHenderson72Republican Party
Bogin, Karen LouiseClark CountyHenderson72Republican Party
Raynor, Joann ArmstrongClark CountyMesquite88Non-Partisan
Humphreys, Michael BryanNevada Las Vegas43Republican Party
Ray, Tamala MClark CountyLas Vegas38Democratic Party
Bond, Florine JenkinsClark CountyHenderson67Democratic Party
Rawlings, Mackina AClark CountyLas Vegas43Democratic Party
Bolton, Earl Clark CountyLas Vegas78Republican Party
Hunt, Berkeley WayneClark CountyBunkerville87Republican Party
Bogic, Karen VClark CountyHenderson81Independent American Party
Raynor, Jayme Clark CountyLas Vegas44Republican Party
Cloyes, Melia AnnClark CountyHenderson36Independent American Party
Ray, Susan MarthaClark CountyLas Vegas68Republican Party
Bond, Eugenia Clark CountyLas Vegas78Democratic Party
Rawlings, Linda Clark CountyHenderson68Republican Party
Bolton, Donald JohnClark CountyLas Vegas44Non-Partisan
Hunt, Ashley MichelleClark CountyLas Vegas35Republican Party
Boghossian, Peter Clark CountyLas Vegas84Democratic Party
Humphreys, Linda LouClark CountyLas Vegas59Democratic Party
Ray, Susan CClark CountyLas Vegas48Republican Party
Raynor, Holly VirginiaClark CountyHenderson67Democratic Party
Bond, Erin TracyClark CountyLas Vegas37Democratic Party
Rawlings, Legrand JayClark CountyLas Vegas61Republican Party
Bolton, Danielle WhitneyClark CountyLas Vegas37Democratic Party
Hunt, Arnold Clark CountyLas Vegas89Democratic Party
Boghossian, Kelly TamarClark CountyLas Vegas29Non-Partisan
Humphreys, Kristen AnnClark CountyHenderson55Non-Partisan
Ray, Sue SeagerClark CountyLas Vegas74Democratic Party
Raynor, Heidi LeannClark CountyHenderson36Republican Party
Bond, Edythe Clark CountyLas Vegas87Democratic Party
Rawlings, Kimberly AnnClark CountyHenderson53Republican Party
Bolton, Coleen AClark CountyNorth Las Vegas54Democratic Party
Hunt, Areanna Clark CountyLas Vegas34Democratic Party
Boghos, Patricia Clark CountyLas Vegas36Republican Party
Humphreys, Kevin PaulClark CountyHenderson50Non-Partisan
Ray, Steven ArlinClark CountyLas Vegas63Republican Party
Raynor, Eileen Clark CountyLas Vegas88Non-Partisan
Bond, Donna Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas68Republican Party
Rawlings, Jonathan DavidClark CountyLas Vegas45Independent American Party
Bolton, Clyde EdwardClark CountyLas Vegas67Democratic Party
Hunt, Anyika MoniqueNevada Las Vegas40Democratic Party
Boghos, Ibtessam Clark CountyLas Vegas63Democratic Party
Humphreys, Justin TaylorClark CountyLas Vegas30Democratic Party
Ray, Stephen MarkClark CountyHenderson58Independent American Party
Raynor, Donald Clark CountyLas Vegas83Non-Partisan
Bond, Dmytro Clark CountyLas Vegas48Other (all Others)
Rawlings, James FrederickClark CountyHenderson71Non-Partisan
Bolton, Chantell YvonneClark CountyLas Vegas47Non-Partisan
Hunt, Antoinina DClark CountyLas Vegas31Non-Partisan
Boghos, Anthony Clark CountyLas Vegas37Independent American Party
Humphreys, Georgeann CurtisClark CountyNorth Las Vegas77Republican Party
Raynor, David Clark CountyHenderson50Republican Party
Ray, Stephen AClark CountyLas Vegas41Republican Party
Bond, Diamond Clark CountyLas Vegas27Democratic Party
Rawlings, Herbert LClark CountyLas Vegas68Democratic Party
Bolton, Britney NicollClark CountyHenderson32Democratic Party
Hunt, Anneliese Clark CountyLas Vegas86Non-Partisan
Boghian, Roger DavidClark CountyLas Vegas61Non-Partisan
Humphreys, Filmore BealeClark CountyLas Vegas78Republican Party
Raynor, Charles CookClark CountyLas Vegas86Republican Party
Ray, Spencer FreemanClark CountyHenderson25Democratic Party
Bond, David Clark CountyHenderson33Non-Partisan
Rawlings, Gloria Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas63Democratic Party
Bolton, Brett RichardClark CountyLas Vegas35Democratic Party
Hunt, Angela LaverneClark CountyLas Vegas54Democratic Party
Boghian, Kelly AnnClark CountyLas Vegas61Non-Partisan
Humphreys, Douglas JohnClark CountyLas Vegas74Democratic Party
Raynor, Brent LesClark CountyNorth Las Vegas47Independent American Party
Ray, Simone BClark CountyLas Vegas32Democratic Party
Bond, David CClark CountyLas Vegas54Republican Party
Rawlings, Elizabeth Clark CountyLas Vegas64Democratic Party
Bolton, Brenda SClark CountyLas Vegas69Democratic Party
Hunt, Andrew VClark CountyLas Vegas55Independent American Party
Bogh, Joe BrianClark CountyLas Vegas41Republican Party
Humphreys, David VanceClark CountyLas Vegas51Republican Party
Raynolds, Ruthann Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas79Republican Party
Ray, Sherryl RClark CountyLas Vegas58Democratic Party
Bond, Darryl Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas72Non-Partisan
Rawlings, Curtis RichardClark CountyHenderson55Republican Party
Hunt, Andrew MurrayClark CountyHenderson50Republican Party
Bolton, Billy JoeClark CountyLas Vegas72Independent American Party
Boggus, Claire CamilleClark CountyLas Vegas41Non-Partisan
Humphreys, Craig AlanClark CountyLas Vegas64Libertarian Party
Raynolds, Peter Clark CountyNorth Las Vegas79Republican Party
Ray, Sherman ANevada Las Vegas60Republican Party
Bond, Craig FredClark CountyLas Vegas52Non-Partisan
Rawlings, Charles JohnClark CountyHenderson70Independent American Party
Hunt, Andrew DelanoClark CountyNorth Las Vegas58Democratic Party
Bolton, Beth StonerClark CountyHenderson36Republican Party
Boggs-Davila, N MClark CountyLas Vegas39Republican Party
Humphreys, Bruce RobertClark CountyBoulder City70Non-Partisan
Raynolds, Maxfield AdamsClark CountyLas Vegas40Non-Partisan
Ray, Shaylee NicoleClark CountyLas Vegas29Republican Party
Guzman, Clarissa DeClark CountyNorth Las Vegas40Democratic Party
Rawlings, Brent DennisClark CountyLas Vegas71Republican Party
Hunt, Andrea ReneeClark CountyLas Vegas73Democratic Party
Bolton, Barbara LynnNevada Las Vegas59Democratic Party
Boggs, Virgil SteeleClark CountyHenderson74Republican Party
Humphreys, Anthony DClark CountyLas Vegas54Republican Party
Raynolds, Christopher JohnClark CountyHenderson48Democratic Party
Ray, Sharon LorraineClark CountyLas Vegas77Democratic Party
Bond, Christopher KClark CountyHenderson76Non-Partisan
Rawlings, Blake RClark CountyLas Vegas29Republican Party
Hunt, America Clark CountyLas Vegas54Republican Party
Bolton, Ansel BClark CountyLas Vegas74Democratic Party
Boggs, Suzanne MarieClark CountyLas Vegas58Democratic Party
Humphreys, Andrew LeeClark CountyHenderson36Independent American Party
Raynolds, Amy EClark CountyHenderson48Non-Partisan
Ray, Shane AndrewClark CountyLas Vegas35Democratic Party
Bond, Chett LClark CountyLas Vegas51Republican Party
Jr, Thomas RawlingClark CountyNorth Las Vegas54Republican Party
Hunt, Amber CharleneClark CountyHenderson31Non-Partisan
Bolton, Alice MClark CountyNorth Las Vegas82Democratic Party
Boggs, Shawntell RaeClark CountyGoodsprings33Democratic Party
Humphrey-Numazawa, Mindi SueClark CountyLas Vegas43Republican Party
Raynoha, Sharon CClark CountyHenderson63Republican Party
Ray, Selwin CClark CountyNorth Las Vegas40Democratic Party
Leann, Britannie ShirleenClark CountyLas Vegas37Democratic Party
Rawling, Richard EarlClark CountyLas Vegas86Democratic Party
Hunt, Allyson NicholeClark CountyLas Vegas31Non-Partisan
Boltjes, Garrett JohnClark CountyNorth Las Vegas69Republican Party
Boggs, Sarah AnnClark CountyLas Vegas32Democratic Party
Humphrey, Zulema GuadalupeClark CountyLas Vegas42Independent American Party
Raynoha, Richard CharlesClark CountyHenderson67Republican Party
Ray, Scott DouglasClark CountyLas Vegas43Democratic Party
Bond, Bert MNevada Las Vegas67Non-Partisan
Rawling, Katharine MurphyClark CountyLas Vegas73Non-Partisan
Hunt, Alice RobbinsClark CountyLas Vegas80Democratic Party
Boljies, Brynne DanielleClark CountyLas Vegas38Democratic Party
Boggs, Rebecca LClark CountyHenderson66Democratic Party
Humphrey, William MClark CountyHenderson80Republican Party
Raynoha, Cody JohnClark CountyLas Vegas32Non-Partisan
Ray, andy SClark CountyLas Vegas63Democratic Party
Bond, Barbara AClark CountyLas Vegas69Democratic Party
Rawling, Jerry ScottClark CountyHenderson30Democratic Party
Hunt, Alapati Clark CountyLas Vegas59Non-Partisan
Boltes, Anthony VictorClark CountyLas Vegas37Non-Partisan
Boggs, Paul RichardClark CountyNorth Las Vegas56Republican Party
Humphrey, William DClark CountyHenderson75Libertarian Party
Rayno, Marvin StanleyClark CountyLas Vegas82Non-Partisan
Ray, Samantha CNevada Las Vegas55Republican Party
Bond, Arthur NClark CountyNorth Las Vegas61Non-Partisan
Torres, Crystal MarieClark CountyLas Vegas38Democratic Party
Hunt, Alan Clark CountyLas Vegas63Non-Partisan
Bolter, Ronald VanceClark CountyLas Vegas67Republican Party
Boggs, Nicole MarieClark CountyLas Vegas46Non-Partisan
Humphrey, Warren OClark CountyLas Vegas54Democratic Party
Raynes, Rene MicheleClark CountyLas Vegas69Republican Party
Ray, Sabrina CozettaClark CountyHenderson52Democratic Party
Guay, Annette GervaiseClark CountyHenderson86Republican Party
Rawley, Timothy AdamClark CountyLas Vegas45Non-Partisan
Hunt, Alan JacobClark CountyLas Vegas32Non-Partisan
Bolten, Mat Clark CountyLas Vegas45Independent American Party
Boggs, Melissa LynnClark CountyLas Vegas35Non-Partisan
Humphrey, Victoria AClark CountyLaughlin53Republican Party
Raynes, Glenn Clark CountyLas Vegas70Non-Partisan
Ray, Ryan CharlesClark CountyLas Vegas29Republican Party
Bond, Andrew HClark CountyHenderson52Republican Party
Rawley, Heather Clark CountyLas Vegas41Republican Party
Hunt, Alan CClark CountyLas Vegas70Republican Party
Bolten, Kimberly SusanClark CountyLas Vegas59Democratic Party
Boggs, Lloyd RaymondClark CountyLas Vegas61Non-Partisan
Humphrey, Todd GlenClark CountyBoulder City49Republican Party
Rayner, William AlbertClark CountyHenderson51Republican Party
Ray, Ruth EClark CountyLas Vegas69Non-Partisan
Bond, Alida MeyerClark CountyHenderson83Republican Party
Rawleigh, Robert DavidClark CountyLas Vegas49Non-Partisan
Hunt, Ajani CapriClark CountyNorth Las Vegas39Democratic Party
Boltan, Amanda AshleyClark CountyLas Vegas29Non-Partisan
Boggs, Linda Clark CountyLas Vegas64Democratic Party
Humphrey, Tim LenardClark CountyLas Vegas58Democratic Party
Rayner, Vera AnnClark CountyHenderson36Democratic Party
Ray, Roy Clark CountyLas Vegas76Democratic Party
Bond, Aimee RClark CountyLas Vegas37Non-Partisan
Rawle, Dawn ChristineClark CountyLas Vegas51Republican Party
Hunt, Adrian JamalClark CountyLas Vegas42Democratic Party
Bolt, Theresa AClark CountyLas Vegas63Republican Party
Boggs, Kimberly AnnClark CountyLas Vegas31Non-Partisan
Humphrey, Thomas BeacomClark CountyHenderson75Republican Party
Rayner, Sophia FranciscaClark CountyHenderson48Republican Party
Ray, Ronald GeneClark CountyNorth Las Vegas64Democratic Party
Bonczyk, Wina YumulNevada Las Vegas58Democratic Party
Rawhouser, Monica RolandClark CountyHenderson43Democratic Party
Hunt, Adam WesleyClark CountyLas Vegas45Republican Party
Bolt, ercedes MClark CountyLas Vegas47Democratic Party
Boggs, Johnny EugeneClark CountyNorth Las Vegas65Democratic Party
Humphrey, Taylor AnnClark CountyLas Vegas26Republican Party
Rayner, Richard CClark CountyLas Vegas67Republican Party
Ray, Ronald DeanClark CountyHenderson65Republican Party
Boncouri, Robert DominicClark CountyLas Vegas66Non-Partisan
Rawe, Thomas JamesClark CountyLas Vegas44Non-Partisan
Hunt, Aaron ThomasClark CountyLas Vegas38Democratic Party
Bolt, Lauren ElizabethClark CountyLas Vegas30Republican Party
Boggs, Jennifer BClark CountyLas Vegas74Non-Partisan
Humphrey, Shawn AllenClark CountyLas Vegas52Democratic Party
Rayner, Paula NanClark CountyLas Vegas66Non-Partisan
Ray, Rod LeeClark CountyLas Vegas47Republican Party
Boncocan, Reynaldo HClark CountyLas Vegas58Democratic Party
Rawe, Marc MitchellClark CountyHenderson43Republican Party
Hunsucker, Scherida LynnClark CountyHenderson46Republican Party
Bolt, James RichardClark CountyLas Vegas55Republican Party
Boggs, James TClark CountyLas Vegas79Democratic Party
Humphrey, Sharla RaeClark CountyLas Vegas72Republican Party