Grand Junction, Colorado


James William Lindell Demographic Information

Address: 2285 N Seville Cir Grand Junction, Co 81506

Age: 71
Resides: Grand Junction, Colorado
Phone Number: (970) 779-2449
Sex/Gender: Male

James William Lindell ’s Voter Registration Infomration

Party Affiliation: Unaffiliated
Voter Registered to Vote In: Mesa County
Voter Registration Date: 07/31/2020
Voter Status: Active
Status Reason:
Precinct: 3075539047
Precinct Split: 47.D2_1058
Congressional District: Congressional 3
House District: State House 55
Senate District: State Senate 7
School District:
County District:

Grand Junction, Colorado Map

Map to 2285 N Seville Cir Grand Junction, Co 81506

Grand Junction, Colorado Voter Registration

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