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Step 1 – Register To Vote

The first step in the voting process is to REGISTER to vote. If you do not vegister, most states will not let you submit a vote. In order to stregthen democracy, everyone that is able to vote, must participate. Please find your state below, to begin the voter registration process.

Use the selection box below to begin the registration process.

Step 2 – Verify your Voter Registration

After you have registered, verify that all of your information is correct. If your address is incorrect, or your name is spelled wrong, when voting day comes, some poll workers may deny you access to the voting station. ALWAYS check your registration prior to voting day to ensure is accurate.

Step 3 – Research the Candidates

Before you vote, make sure understand where each of the political stand on the issues that are important to you. An informed voter is the best kind of voter.

About Us is a nonpartisan site that is devoted to empowering the political power of all U. S. citizens. has reformed the way we use technology to engage the populous in politics and ensure fair elections.

The challenges first time voters face are not unavoidable. Our work is focused on programs to make voting easier and more secure.

The only way to expand democracy is to increase voting turnout.

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Voters in a vast number of areas cast their votes this month by ranking candidates rather than choosing just one. Ranked choice voting is gaining momentum in the U. S. This year, over 30 cities used this new voting method. Most ranked choice elections went without a snag, however, there were some small issues in …

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National voter registration form now offered in Native American languages

Happy Thanksgiving!! The federal government has just made changes to the national voter registration form. Now, it will be offered in select Native American languages. The Election Assistance Commission decided on Monday that the form will be translated into the Yup’ik, Navajo and Apache languages. The total non-English offerings is now up to 20 languages. …

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Duval County Florida men charged with voter registration fraud

Over 50 voter registrations were found for people who were either deceased or non-authorized. This has resulted in the arrest of two Jacksonville male residents. 33 year old Devin Deangelo King was processed in the jail on November 3rd, 2021 and 33 year old Jordan Rayeshaun Daniels on November 17, 2021 on charges of “criminal …

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